I was reminded by Seth Godin about the simplicity and the value of writing every day and putting it out there.

I receive Seth Godin’s blog daily, and have done for years.

I don’t always read it every day, but at times I’ll sit and devour dozens of unread snippets of wisdom

For the reader, a daily blog provides a small amount of value that accumulates to something great over time.

It’s short, predictable, and quick to consume, as opposed to long, long articles.

For the writer, it’s a simple way of refining your craft. Of putting pen to paper.

Of committing. And improving in incremental steps, over time.

So today, again, I commit for the next 30 days.

To write every single day. For the fun of it.

And publish it. Again.

Only this time, there’s no agenda…


Liz Watt