When you’re stating out in any thing, business, a hobby, a skill, a relationship.

The way to improve… is to set the intention to be just one bit better than yesterday.

Just one bit.

If you typed 40 words a minute yesterday, today, aim for 41.

If you swam 900m yesterday, today, aim for an extra lap, or to do the same distance in 30 seconds less.

Every day, look at what you did yesterday, and consider one little thing that you can do to make today one bit better.

Aim for it, and if you hit it, that’s great.

If you don’t, it doesn’t matter.

Your goal for tomorrow is already set.

Your goal, is just that, a goal, a target, something to aim for, to something to set your direction.

Just knowing what you’re aiming for is half the win. You don’t always have to hit it.


Liz Watt