What would happen if you got up an hour early in the morning.

If, instead of staying in bed until the very last minute and then rushing to get out the door…

You set your alarm at the same time every single day.

An hour earlier.

And got out of bed and calmly and peacefully went through a routine that allowed you to do an hour of extra stuff.

What would you do in that extra hour?

Write 500 words on that book you always wanted to write?

Meditate? Yoga? Paint? Build a side business?

What if you turned the TV off 1 hour earlier, and traded that 1 hour of night time Netflix, for an extra morning hour?

Where you were at your peak, your clearest, your best.

Doing the work that is going to move you forward.

That hour a day isn’t just an hour…it’s 365 hours a year, or rather, just under 10 working weeks.

What could you create in that time?


Liz Watt