Trying to control and micro-manage every little thing that a team does, does two things:

  1. It tells your team that you don’t trust them and they are not capable of working by them selves
  2. It creates a tonne of extra work for the minor-manager.

In the first instance, if staff are not capable to complete the tasks, there’s a fundamental problem that needs to be rectified. The right people with the right skills for the task need to be hired.

If, however, the team is more than capable and the manager just needs to control, this is going to result in people feeling disempowered and incapable.

Enthusiasm will wane. The end result will be a bunch of people who are more unwilling, than incapable of doing the task – because they know they’re going to be second guessed, re-worked, and possibly made “wrong.”

Either way, the micro-manager becomes more and more stressed, with more and more desire to control and get things done, as less gets done.

Micro-management is a tough way to complete the task.

Hire a manager who will empower the right people to do great things.


Liz Watt