We live in an economy of Capitalist Consumption.

In order to survive, the capitalist system must expand infinitely.

It requires more and more profit which has us creating disposable and obsolete products.

On a daily basis, we’re buying stuff that we don’t need or goes out of fashion and crap that doesn’t last or is used once and thrown away.

At a catastrophic cost to our shared resources, the planet, our environment, and pour personal wellbeing.

Every purchase you make, every product you use, every single day, has a collective impact on the planet, our shared home.

People wouldn’t leave a pile of rubbish in their lounge room, yet the landfill of Western society is choking the globe.

The only way to stop this process is to stop the consumption. Or at the very least, make more responsible and informed choices.

It’s up to you. How much crap are you personally prepared to dump in the lounge room of the planet?


Liz Watt