When was the last time you witnessed a crime? An injustice?

Another person in trouble, being victimised, or bullied?

When was the last time you saw someone who needed help and didn’t help them?

An elderly person crossing the road, needing help to carry their groceries?

A small child who feel over, or was lost?

A colleague in the workplace who was treated poorly or unjustly?

A person who went unheard or ignored?

Or was left out because they were a little bit different?

A detrimental decision being made that affects every one involved badly, including YOU!

(Yes, that means those inane business meetings where no-one speaks up, but whinges later.)

And what did you do, to rectify the situation.

Step in and help, speak up, support, defend?

Or did you stand by and watch?

Contributing nothing to enhancing or inflaming the situation.

But doing nothing to stop it or change it.

Standing by, you may as well be committing the crime, because you’re letting it happen.

To stand up or speak up and do something, is the only way to contribute to change.

Otherwise, you just maintain the status quo.


Liz Watt