Every now and them in your day there’s a spare eleven minutes.

You’re ready to leave for work a little early.

That report took less time than you thought.

You’ve finished a task and ou have to leave for yoga in exactly…eleven minutes.

What are you going to do?

Sit around, kill time, make another coffee you don’t need, talk some rubbish to the person next to you.

Or, do you have something ready to go, ready to do, in under eleven minutes, that’s another thing done.

Return an email, do the dishes, fold some clothes.

Another thing that’s done at the end of the day and frees you up for a large chunk of quality time.

Or, you can let it waste away…


Liz Watt

(PS… In the eleven minutes I have before I have to leave for my day, I wrote and published this daily post. Done. Or, I could have let it waste away…)