Every thing new is the result of creativity. An expression of the self.

A coffee, an email, a face of makeup, a business report.

Each of these things, in their own way, evolves into something from nothing, or something else.

Taking one form of energy and transforming it into something else.

And you are the creator, the artist with the paint brush in your hand.

It’s up to you how you go through the process of creating the things in your life.

And the outcome the each become.

Is that coffee an instant thrown together and gulped down?

Or barista style, beautifully presented and slowly enjoyed?

Are your emails thoughtless, and poorly spelled?

Or do you take the time to get to the point, easily understood?

Is your face of make-up an obligation, or a process you enjoy?

Every thing new is the result of creativity.

It’s up to you what you put out into the world. And how you express your self.


Liz Watt