Baby boomers grew up in a purely physical world.

They know how to live physically, and figure things out.

Generation X are on the cusp of the physical or analogue, and the digital or virtual world.

They learned fundamental skills form their parents and added technology to help them in the physical world and make things a little easier.

Millenials are 100% digital, brought up on tablets and TV’s, living in a virtual world out side of them selves.

How does that help them to navigate the physical world?

How does that give them fundamental skills for the physical world. when they’re glued to screens?

It doesn’t.

And there reality is, after all, we all live in a physical 3 dimensional reality, not in a screen.

Unless you want to be a body in a pod plugged into a virtual reality machine.

But maybe they already are.


Liz Watt