Decisions by committees give every one an opportunity to be heard and to have a say.

But it is often unlikely that every member of a committee will all agree on the same thing.

And, it is completely likely that a committee may defer an issue, or debate it around and around.

Making observations and providing options, but rarely making the hard call.

Trying to find consensus where there is none, and there is unlikely to be none.

So that “responsibility” can be shared, and no-one gets the finger pointed at them if things go bad.

Committees are great – as a sounding board.

To gather information, understand the problems, the issues, the points of views.

To allow people to feel and be heard.

But at some point, someone, has to leave the committee behind.

Someone has to step up and make a call, make the decision, and take the responsibility – and the blame, if and when it comes.

If you want to move forward and get shit done.

Otherwise, feel free to spin on the merry-go-round of committee indecision.


Liz Watt