80’s bands are making a comeback.

Boom Crash Opera. Mental As Anything.

Rocking the stage like they did three decades ago.

But this time the audience is viewing through a lens.

Recoding the show on a video-phone.

Watching it through a screen.

Something they could have done in the privacy of their own lounge room.

On Youtube. Streaming.

Completely detached from the experience they are actually having.

Focussed instead on telling the world what a great time they’re having.

Through Instagram selfies and Facebook news feeds.

Skyping to a friend.

So distracted by telling the world what they’re doing through a screen.

That they actually missed the show.

The experience. The atmosphere.

The connection. The details.

That they’ll never get back again.

But they have a video they’ll never watch.


Liz Watt