When you have 25 people meet for an hour a week 52 weeks a year, at an hourly rate of $150+, does that meeting really add value of $200,000 a year? Really?

There has to be some meetings, but when you look at the number of people multiplied by the hourly rate of the actual meeting plus travel, you have to ask…

Have you really added that much value to whatever you’re trying to achieve?

Get clear on an agenda and a purpose for meetings. What are you trying to achieve, what is the desired outcome?

Who really needs to be there. Who will make the final decision? Who can be copied into the minutes or notes and get the gist in 2 minutes?

How long does it really have to be? Can you get to the point faster

Is this really how this needs to be done? Or can it be resolved in a phone call, a conversation, an email?


Liz Watt