Someone fixed the gate with a bit of wire. It works but it’s kind of hanging.

The hole in the pavement got filled with some asphalt. It’s ugly.

The mark on the wall got covered with some paint that’s… nearly…the right colour. Just don’t look too close.

Each of these on their own is a small thing.

But one plus one plus one, they add up.

The laziness, can’t be bothered, it’ll do, and she’ll be right attitude, might get the job done the first time round.

You hardly notice it.

But it sets us on the way to decay.

We don’t do things the best we can and with each new “rectification” or fix, the standard drops a little more.

We accept something less, so the next time round, it’s OK to drop the standard one more bit.

By then, the decay has already set in.


Liz Watt