It has been said that as a leader or a manager, your team’s success is a reflection of you, and subsequently our own success.

But this is not necessarily the case.

It depends on three things…

  1. You, as a leader or manager, and how well you lead or manage.
  2. The cause, or project or task, and the meaning and value it holds.
  3. The team, and how aligned or engaged they are in the cause, or project or task.

You, as a leader, have control over the first, maybe the second, but not the third.

Ultimately, it is the third, the team, that takes the action and delivers results.

You can be as inspiring, expert,  invested and engaging – to the engaged.

You can have the greatest cause, that provides excitement, purpose, meaning and value for you, and for some.

But for the people on your team who have no real interest, for whom it does not align.

There is often very little you can do to change someone’s interest or investment.

It’s going to be painful if you try, to drag them with you, to a place they don’t want to go, don’t want to be, just aren’t interested in.

If someone’s not invested, do every one a favour.

Let them go to find something they actually want to do.

Save your self the headache – create a team that wants to be there.

If for whatever reason you can’t, maybe you need to move on too.


Liz Watt