Leonardo Da Vinci was interested in painting, sculpting, architecture, inventing, mathematics, music, astronomy, botany, geology, history, writing, cartography, literature, engineering…

Michelangelo loved painting, sculpting, architecture, poetry, engineering…

They lived in a Renaissance world, where variety and diversity was valued, regarded and celebrated highly

Since Industrialisation, we live in a Specialist world, where every one exists as a cog in a machine, with a particular and singular area of expertise.

Those who are UNABLE to choose just one thing, and are just not wired that way, and instead have the ability to become a master of many, are incorrectly labelled as scattered or flaky, instead of the brilliant Renaissance mind that you are.

There’s no need to change, there’s nothing wrong with you.

You’re simply living in an era that sadly does not value the essence of who you are.


Liz Watt