What’s sitting in your inbox right now?

Hundreds or thousands of unread emails?

Or two or three outstanding tasks to do today

Or something in between.

Regardless, how much time do you spend each day, worrying about, sorting, reading, deleting emails?

How much of this time information is actually useful?

How many subscriptions exists because you think you should, but never read them?

How much clutter and noise exists in your inbox? Of stuff that you’ll never get to, but just wastes your time dealing with it.

Maybe it’s time to gets rid of some of the noise. And reset your inbox.

Next time you go to delete an unread message, take the time to unsubscribe, rather than “dealing” with it.

Next time you can’t figure out where to file something, create a dedicated place to file it… and file it.

Do this all at once for a major reset – file every thing older than a month that’s unread in a folder and start from scratch. If it’s that important, they’ll be chasing you.

Or once a day, or every time a new email comes is.

In no time, your digital mail will feel freer and clearer.


Liz Watt