The value of one customer may not seem a lot.

The hard-to deal with customer.

The one who tells you your product is more expensive and they’ll go somewhere else.

The customer who’s passing through.

The value of these customers might be one sale, one purchase.

But what about the customer who would have come back over and over.

Become a regular and bought their coffee from you every day, except that it’s 50 cents more than every one else?

Or who would have told all their friends about how great you were, except that you weren’t.

Or purchased your product for their business, en masse, regularly.

The value of one customer could be that single purchase.

Or, it could be a heck of a lot more, over a year, a decade, a lifetime.

You have no idea what that single transaction could have led to.

Treat every customer like they matter, because they very well might.

And they do.


Liz Watt