After years and decades of doing things one way, the same way, over and over, your brain becomes hard-wired.

The action becomes unconscious, automatic.

It’s built into your brain.

Like typing…

Most of us type at least once a day. And very few of us actually type correctly.

It might be one or two fingers, stretching their way around the keyboard, twisting the wrist at awkward angles, to reach the “z”, the “x” or the “?”

It’s learned, repeated, over and over. It’s done without thinking.

There is a better way, that utilizes the movement of fingers better, reduces the distance they have to stretch.

And saves a millisecond with every keystroke.

Not much in the immediate moment, but considering the amount of keys one strokes in a day…

Most of us choose not to learn the better way, and persevere with the twisting and stretching.

If you heard about a new shortcut to get to work, you’d take the time to learn it.

Where else could learning a different way be a much better way for the long term?

It’s never too late to learn to touch type… properly.

You just have to choose to do it. And have the patience to get through the learning curve and re-wiring your brain.

It’s easier than you think.


Liz Watt