Many successful mentors and coaches teach that tracking and checklists are a key to success.

If you’re training for an Olympic gold medal, which is the focus of every waking hour, that might well be the case.

Every split second or extra hour of training will have an impact on the end result.

But as an average person doing average things?

As some one wanting to lose weight, keeping food logs, and monitoring every step, every movement, every calorie… do you see already thin people doing this? No. And they most likely never did.

As someone who wants a good relationship, following “the rules” of dating, trying to be someone who you think your desired partner might want you to be, second guessing their thoughts and actions… is it actually working for you? Most likely, no.

Is it the tracking of every thing and following checklists and other peoples rules that creates success?

Or is a matter of discovering your self and figuring out what works for you?


Liz Watt