What do you keep on your computer these days?

Every photo from your life?

Every document you’ve ever written?

Every creative piece you’ve created?

Gone are the days of hard copy records.

Every thing exist in digital form.

So what are you doing to back it all up – in the instance that one day it all disappears.

On the off chance that your computer crashes, or randomly gets hacked.

And have you got a backup backup – stored in a different place? In the cloud or a different space?

On the off chance your house burns down, and takes every thing with it.

It might sound glum and catastrophic.

But on the off chance it all goes – is it worth a little effort now to sort this shite out?


Liz Watt

PS – When I used to use PC’s, I have had 2 computers completely crash and thought I’d lost every thing. The first time it was retrievable, the second time not – by then I had backup. Food for thought…