There are many people living their life based on what they thing they “should” want.

What society, culture, religion, politics tells them is important.

And there comes a time, where it’s just not enough.

There comes a time, to go inward, and discover what you really, truly want and desire.

Not what every one else tells you you should.

The problem is, after a lifetime of denying your own instincts and intuition in favour of other people’s truths,

It can be a real challenge tapping into your own.

Because you’ve denied them so long.

The key, is to listen, closely and quietly,

And let the voice of desire rise, and recognise it as your own.

To keep listening, over and over, even when you question it, until you know it as your truth.

No matter how long, and how many times it takes.


Liz Watt