The hot water’s not working.

The plumber’s been out twice, and isn’t quite sure what the problem is.

It’s raining and it’s a public holiday – so it’ll take a few more days to figure it out, order parts.

Meanwhile, there’s 60 apartments who’ve been without water for 4 days.

That’s a lot of unwashed hair.

The manager says, you’re all “in the hands of the plumbers.”

But in reality, the one who writes the cheque has all the power.

To fire the plumber, pick up the phone, and find someone who cares.

Who wants the job. Who will do the job well.

And as a result will continue to get the ongoing work.

There has to be someone like that out there.

You’re never in the hands of the plumbers.

Unless you choose to be.


Liz Watt