There’s this thing going around at the moment, and it’s based on a “gifting economy” or “community crowdfunding” which I don’t actually think it is but that’s a whole other blog.

The whole concept is that by giving or gifting to someone else in one place, you receive more abundance from many other sources in return.

In other words, you receive by giving,

The basis for this is the idea of a gifting economy, where the community looks after its own and gives where it is needed, which in theory, as an alternative to a “financial economy” model  is something that makes a lot of sense to me.

So I jumped in, to see what would happen. More than any thing.

It’s been an interesting experience, with more than one lesson.

The “Gifting” Economy – How It Works

This whole idea is that you are invited into a “pod” by someone.

  • Round 1 – At the time you are invited, you pay $100 to a designated individual who sits in the center of your “pod.” You start as one of 8 in the outer “layer” – the last of four layers – and each of these people pay $100 to the person in the centre – who receives a total of $800.
  • Round 2 – When the outer layer is full, the pod splits in two and a new pod is created and now has three layers. Every one moves up a layer. You now invite two more people in to create the fourth layer, as do the other 4 people in your layer. The new people each pay $100 to the person in the centre of the pod.
  • Round 3 – When the 8 positions in the outer layer are filled, the pod again splits and you move up to the second layer, with two people.
  • Round 4 – Now you’re in the center of the pod and now receive your gist of $800 by new people coming in to the outer layer.

Making sense? Simply, you give an amount to join the community and by growing the community, you eventually receive ten-fold, or eight-fold, in return.

Yeah, it took me a little while to get it.

In a nutshell, I call it…

Spiritual Multi-Level-Marketing

I will laugh at this time and say that I coined this term when I first read about it.

But that’s kind of what it is.

You pay an investment to someone on a higher level and then you go out and recruit a few people to pay some money too, and eventually you’ll reap your rewards…

So, at this time I might be sounding a little cynical, but what I want to share here is more about what I observed in this situation.

Did I buy in?

Yes, with my cynicism I did. More as an experiment than any thing.

I’ve been doing a lot of meditation around abundance and clearing a tonne of “money stuff” lately and I figured..

Well, I’ve been asking for money and abundance and opportunities. So here is an opportunity that I’ve been asking for. I took it, thinking in theory, this makes a lot of sense, and should be pretty easy to do.

There was just one problem.

Other People’s Scarcity And Money Shit

I was amazed by how quickly people’s money shit came up in this group.

I went in with no issues about giving $100 and no real expectations about the outcome.

However, a lot of people in the group were having trouble finding any one with the money.

They were talking about how hard it was to find $100 for “spiritual” people.

It became evident pretty quickly that there was a real scarcity mentality and a lot of really limiting beliefs about whether this could work. Or how this could work.

Advice included how you have to “push people” or “send out 20 or more invitations a week to win at this” and “you’ll find someone eventually, you have to work at it.”

Words, such as push and make this work – that kind of go against the whole idea of giving and receiving and flow and abundance.

And, there seemed to be a lot of people counting on this money, expecting it and needing it.

Kind of like the approach to money and work I’ve been moving away from.

The worst thing was…

I Started Doubting My Self

When I read some of this stuff, for a split second, or maybe a minute, I started questioning my self. And I heard me tell my self that the two people I had immediately thought of who would love this concept, even as a social experiment, weren’t going to want it.

And that I’d need to be contacting 20 or more people a week to make this work.

For a split second I went there, and then I came back.

And I sat on the sidelines and watched this for a couple of weeks as an observer and a social experiment.

I watched these people going round and round in their money stuff, trying to ”help” each other with more limiting and messy money stuff that was keeping them all stuck.

They didn’t seem to want to hear how different this process might be for them.

The whole process was supposed to take 2 weeks to move up all four levels. By two and a half weeks, nothing had changed since I entered this “pod.”

The Lessons Are Way More Than $100 Could Buy

Watching this process was fascinating, and there are a lot of things I learned about my self, and people generally, that you cannot buy for $100. Here are some…

  • Giving and receiving means giving to give, without the expectation of how or when you will receive. The minute you place pressure or expectation on the receiving part of it, it stops being giving and defeats the whole purpose of the process.
  • Giving is about giving whether you want to or choose to, not whether you have to.
  • Relying on other people’s actions for your income can get a little desperate and needy.
  • As a society we have created so many beliefs and dogmas and limitations and weird, restricting points of view about money and what it means, that a lot of it Is actually insane – and so not helping any one.
  • Money can be a game, but the minute you have to win, you lose.
  • Be selective about the people you invest in and with. Whet is their money mindset, and is it higher and more abundant than yours?

And finally…

  • Be so selective about who you take advice from – a lot of it is laden with other people’s ‘money stuff.” Why would you want any more?

Including This…

If this stuff resonates, great. But if any of this brings you down about money, let it go. Ignore it.

Go find something else that works for you!

And that’s where I’m at.

The energy of the group definitely does not work for me. The group just isn’t where I’d like to be around money.

So I’m seriously contemplating pulling out, or sticking around a bit more as a social experiment.

And, do I take control of my money and ask that my “gift” be returned?

Is that a scarcity or poverty perspective? Or is it empowering and taking control of my finances?

Or, do I leave it with them and allow someone who is struggling to recruit and needs the money to take my place for free?

Is that a giving and empowering perspective? Or is it a lack of care and control over my finances?

Not sure, and it doesn’t matter.

Either choice will be empowering, and allow me to receive all the lessons and gifts that I need. In whatever form they come.

If that’s what I choose.

And so ends another social experiment.

Or maybe it’s just begun? Who knows.



Liz Watt


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Find out get a tonne of weekly inspiration.

What have you got to lose?

Head over to your inbox where you'll find an email with every thing you need to access your ALIGNED BUSINESS Starter Kit.