Liz Watt

A Vehicle, A Vessel, A Miracle Form…

As we currently sit halfway through the month of March, I have been exploring aspects of the miraculous human body. A somewhat underrated form, when you finally pause to ponder, it is a true miracle. The very fact that an inexplicable lifeforce keeps it alive, functioning, moving, sleeping, breathing is wonderous to contemplate. This month, I challenge you to consider and nurture…your physical body…

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Article Image - 4 Reasons Why Reality Is An Illusion

Here’s Four Reasons Why Reality Is An Illusion

Human beings share the reality that we all reside together on planet Earth but never stop to question why reality is an illusion. The majority of humans either work hard to earn money to pay the bills. Or we are born into an undeveloped nation where we starve for lack of basic survival resources of food, fresh air, clean water, shelter or clothing. The world is the way the world is. It is imbalanced, unequal, and you have to work hard to survive or succeed. That is reality. Or is it?

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