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Current | April 2022

My current top 3 creative projects are:

  • Book | Unity – Finalising the final edit and formatting of my first book, “Unity” –
  • Youtube Channel –  Developing my Youtube Channel with regular videos –
  • Instagram – Beginning to build a presence on Instagram.

    Coming Up | May 2022

    • Book | Unity – Publish my first book –
    • Soul Archetype Quiz – Promote my new Soul Archetype Quiz –
    • Essence – Wrap up my first program “Essence” ready for relase.

    Reading + Entertainment

    I usually have multiple books on the go in various stages – I’ve been a little slack the last year or so and delved into way too much video.

    You can find my current and past reading list here:

      Last Updated: Monday 25 April 2022.

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