Lessons from 2021 | Flexibility + Resilience

As we let go of 2021 and look towards 2022, we must stop and consider where we are and where we are going, both individually and collectively. No one can predict or know what will happen for sure. The best we can do is make assumptions based on where we are, what has come before, and the potential path we currently stand on.

The year ahead provides both challenges and opportunities, depending on where you are in your life and the perspective you choose to hold.

For many, 2020 and 2021 were unexpected and challenging. 2020 changed our relationship with government, control and freedom. Fear became the vehicle for controlling the way people behaved. People either operated in fear of a virus or fear of the government, authority or punishment if they did not comply with what they were told.

Over time, a third option arose for those who began to see a different perspective and perhaps that the truth of reality was not what we were government and media told us. These people started to step into a place of sovereignty, non-conformity and civil disobedience to mandates and oppressive rules. Many who had done work on themselves were ready to take this stance.

2021 continued with a narrative that has dramatically impacted financial economies, communities, health and wellness and the way we live and interact with one another. It has been a rollercoaster of authoritarian control. In equal contrast, an expanding awakening of humanity to know the truth of our society and reality.

2020 and 2021 were about flexibility and resilience, pivoting, letting go, making changes and surviving the rollercoaster. 2022 is about reinvention.

01 | Polarity

The last two years have created huge polarity and division in society. One side sees a massive threat that will kill us all and a government trying to save us by necessary mandates. The other sees a global takeover removing our freedoms, choice and self-responsibility.

One side looks to a government to save them. The other side looks to itself.

One side demands everyone do what they want them to feel safe. The other empowers individuals to make themselves safe.

One side lives in fear. One side lives in love.

This polarity is likely to continue in 2022 and get bigger and louder.

As those in control battle to maintain power, they will continue to impose more and more restrictions on the people. They will push to see how much fear they can create and how far they can go. Equally, and simultaneously, as more nonsensical restrictions are imposed, more people will wake up and fight back.

The energy of planet Earth is like a pendulum swinging to its outer reach. When it reaches its extreme, it will pause and begin to turn back. We have to reach the outer extremes of division and polarity before we can swing back to balance.

The challenge is dealing with the polarity and the division, to ride the wave of insanity, not fight it and allow it to be.

The opportunity is dealing with the polarity and the division, to ride the wave of insanity, not fight it and allow it to be.

02 | Freedom + Control

What we resist persists, and the more we fight, the more pushback will come back at us. At the same time, riding the wave and allowing things to be does not mean sitting back and letting things happen around you. You must be an active participant without resistance.

The polarity of freedom and control will continue. The push and pull between government control and the people’s freedom will continue. We must stand firm for what we desire to create, not what we oppose. You cannot create a new reality out of the same energy of fear and anger that made it.

The challenge will be to stand for liberty and freedom rather than oppose tyranny and control.

The opportunity will be to stand for liberty and freedom rather than oppose tyranny and control.

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03 | Authority + Sovereignty

Spiritual bypassing occurs when people focus on only the positive and their world. Just concentrating on yourself is operating without regard for others. Focussing and sacrificing your wants for others is at the expense of yourself. Both must exist.

The reality is that as a spiritual being having a human experience, you are a part of your reality and the collective reality of humanity. You are creating your individual life and experience, AND you are contributing to making the collective reality of humanity.

You have a choice to comply and create the reality that is being imposed, or not comply and create something else. There is no middle ground. If you do not see what is happening and comply out of fear of a killer virus, you comply. If you know what is happening and comply out of fear of government or social consequences, you comply. If you see what is happening and comply for your convenience or to trick the system, you are still complying. If you stand silent and watch this happen, you comply and say it is okay. Your action or inaction are contributing to a dystopian society of authoritarian control.

In 2022, as the polarity continues, there is a choice to continue to give over control of your life and comply with the authority and social pressure. Alternatively, you can become clear in your beliefs and stand up for them at every opportunity.

This all ends when humanity stops complying and chooses something different.

The challenge is to stand sovereign and strong in your beliefs, regardless of external conditions.

The opportunity is to stand sovereign and strong in your beliefs, regardless of external conditions.

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04 | Awakening

As the polarity of insanity continues to grow, so too will the awakening of humanity.

As more and more nonsensical mandates and narratives are rolled out, more and more people will not be able to help but see the lies and truth.

The question is, how far into the darkness will humanity need to go before we collectively see the light?

2022 presents the possibility of some dark times. The economic, social and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health impacts of coercion and decisions from 2021 will continue to reveal themselves.

The consequence of an event is the result of the cause. For many, succumbing to a wanted or unwanted injection is an unstoppable cause of what is to come. The full results of large amounts of the population taking these injections are yet to be revealed.

Those who see the truth will need to stand firm to support those who awaken late to the truth of coercion and the fallout from their choice.

As more and more of the darkness of the truth is revealed, humanity will awaken into the light to the same extent.

The challenge is to remain calm in the storm of the ongoing shit-show that is to come.

The opportunity is to remain calm in the storm of the ongoing shit-show that is to come.

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05 | Detachment

To survive the imminent events of 2022, we must continue the themes of 2021, letting go and releasing attachment.

To survive, we must continue to be flexible in response to the changes the external world will throw at us. We must connect to ourselves, follow our intuition and make decisions to change. We must be prepared to let go and leave places, jobs, people, things and relationships that no longer align with us, no longer serve us, and are stopping us grow.

If we have not done so already, we must continue to build resilience into all aspects of our lives, businesses and relationships. We must allow for multiple future possibilities, and we must become self-sufficient.

The challenge is to let go and detach from what you have created so far to allow for what is to come.

The opportunity is to let go and detach from what you have created so far to allow for what is to come.

Theme | Reinvention

The big theme for 2022 is reinvention. The world as we knew it is gone forever. The social systems of government, media, education, health and religion are shifting, changing, crumbling and falling.

Humanity has a chance to reinvent itself. To keep what works, let the rest go and create something new.

So do you…

If you can detach, let go and stand in sovereignty without the veil of fear, you will be able to connect with what you desire. Many understand their purpose, even if the timing has not allowed it until now. For others, this is yet to be revealed. When it is, this is the time to keep moving forward with the courage to reinvent yourself, your life and humanity, and the faith that it will work out fine.

The decision will be taken out of your hands for those with resistance or fear. You will be catapulted into the life you are here for, whether you want it or not. The things we thought were important will disappear and be replaced for something better and new. The job you thought was the best thing ever will reveal itself not to be. The relationship you’re not sure about will slowly dissolve. The things that hold you back will disappear if you allow them.

The path to change and reinvention can be as easy or complex as you choose.

The challenge is becoming clear on the life and world you want to create and moving towards it.

The opportunity is becoming clear on the life and world you want to create and moving towards it.

What Next?

What will happen in 2022 is unknown.

Where we are a year from now is unknown.

It is likely to continue to be a rocky ride, and the most significant thing that will get you to the other side is faith. Faith that everything is perfect as it is. That there is a reason for everything which will at some point become clear. You are here for a reason to experience one of the most dramatic times in known human history.

We can live in fear of change and the unknown and hold onto certainty. Or we can embrace it and enjoy the ride. Either way, you can do nothing to stop what is coming. How you respond to it is up to you.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt

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