3D To 4D To 5D

There is a lot of talk at the moment about a shift in human consciousness from 3D to 4D to 5D. But not a lot of explanation about what exactly this is or what it means for humanity and you, as an individual.

Many people in the spirituality and truth community are using these terms a lot. There is talk of being in third-dimensional consciousness, and that humanity is shifting to fourth-dimensional consciousness, while other seemingly evolved individuals already reside in fifth-dimensional consciousness.

These terms raised a lot of questions for me. There was a disconnect between my understanding of dimensions and consciousness. How could consciousness move between dimensions in a physical human body that is in the third dimension? Does our consciousness stay with our human body? Or does our consciousness go somewhere? Do our bodies stay here or go there?

So I decided to start at the beginning.


Dimensions are a concept that organises different planes or realms of existence according to energetic vibration. Each dimension holds a particular state of consciousness or awareness or one way of perceiving reality. They co-exist on top of and within and around one another, like layers of awareness. Each dimension includes the characteristics of all the dimensions below, plus something new.

You will already be familiar with some dimensions from a perspective of physical space. Let’s start with a single point.

  • Single point is a point where the entirety of Source Consciousness and everything began and then began to expand as energy and dimensions.
  • First dimension (length) is an extrusion of a point that results in a line connecting two points. There is no depth or height, only width. We call this the X-axis.
  • Second dimension (height) is an extrusion of a one-dimensional to create a plane or flat shapes like a triangle or square. It now contains width or the X-axis, plus height, or the Y-axis.
  • Third dimension (depth and volume) is an extrusion of a two-dimensional plane to create depth and the Z-axis, and three-dimensional volume. The third dimension is space without time. It exists moment to moment and time is experienced only as the moment of now in the physical. We experience space in three dimensions which are width, or X-axis, height, or Y-axis, and depth or Z-axis. It is a moment-to-moment reality, and all that exists is the now.

We are familiar with the three dimensions of space. Look around the room and you will perceive your reality as it seems to appear within space.

  • Fourth dimension (time) is extrusion of a three-dimensional space: width, height and depth and creates time. It is the position of an object in time for the duration of its existence. Time in the fourth dimension exists in linear form like a line connecting the start point of the existence of an object to the endpoint where that object ceases to exist, or dies.

According to this model, the human form currently experiences a third and fourth-dimensional reality of the dimensions of space and time. Our life is one possible experience of the human body as it seemingly moves in a linear process through space and time. The way your human brain and body perceives and experiences your life is one version of reality. Here’s where it gets tricky.

  • Fifth dimension includes the fourth dimension plus every possible timeline or path that could have existed since the same starting point. Time is fluid rather than linear, and it includes every possibility from every point along every timeline and branches off infinitely. It is every possibility of your life that could have occurred from every moment in time. There is so much information here the human brain could not possibly comprehend all these possibilities.
  • This model takes us up to ten dimensions which become complex perceptions and experiences of reality which we will leave them now. We just want to see if we can get to 5D first!!

Based on this model and understanding of dimensions, how can humanity shift into the fifth dimension when our brains are nowhere near evolved or equipped to handle perceiving and experiencing infinite simultaneous realities or lifetimes. Perhaps our brains have this capability, but we are so not there yet! Heck, one lifetime is tricky enough for most of us.

That is where Density and Density Consciousness come in.


Density is a concept that refers to how much mass or energy is in an amount of space. The mass is information, and space is the measure of the connectedness of information. Density assumes that everything is made of energy. Like everything, density also exists on a spectrum from most dense to least dense.

In more dense form energy is contracted, heavy and closer together and more like matter or solid objects. In less dense form energy is expanded, light and further apart and more like energy.

We experience the physical realm through forms of varying densities. Heavy, solid forms such as lead or rock are denser, while light forms such as fairy floss or a sponge, water and gas are less dense.

Density Consciousness

Consciousness is the level of sentience or awareness of internal and/ or external existence. It is the degree of being alert, awake and able to perceive and recognise patterns in the external environment, conditions, situations and stimuli, as well as internal sensations, thoughts and emotions.

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Density consciousness is a concept that identifies the density of energy of consciousness of a particular being, form or realm. It is an energetic density rather than a physical form, so already much lighter and less dense than matter. It is important to know that first-density consciousness is the densest and least consciousness.

  • First-density consciousness is about being and awareness and simple existence. It is about Consciousness exploring itself but not yet being self-reflective. It is elemental and includes physical matter such as rocks, water and winds.
  • Second-density consciousness is about growth and movement and includes all biological or organic matter that has autonomous movement. It includes entities that can move and grow and explore itself such as trees, plants, minerals and animals.
  • Third-density consciousness is about self-awareness, free will and choice as an independent and separate being. Beings learn that they can use logic, rationale and critical thinking to create concepts, ideas, and beliefs. Third-density teaches us we can make choices along a spectrum.  The individual must choose one polarity of the spectrum of being separate and serve the self or whole and serve others.

Third-density consciousness is where human beings generally reside. However, as we evolve, making a choice allows us to ascend to fourth-density consciousness.

  • Fourth-density consciousness is about experiencing the effect and consequences of the choice made in third density consciousness. This level of awareness is about understanding you cannot have one polarity at the expense of the other and all aspects of the spectrum must co-exist. It is about learning sovereignty and you are a separate being AND you are part of a whole which takes you to fifth-density consciousness.
  • Fifth-density consciousness is about balance and unity and the process of allowing all. At this level beings start with a polarised orientation to separation and service of self or the whole and service to others, but they know they must find a better balance between the two by expressing more of the opposite polarity. They understand they must give to receive and receive to give.
  • Sixth and seventh-density consciousness and beyond takes us further away from solid, physical form and closer to energy and light.

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Dimensions Versus Densities

Based on these models it can be said that human beings perceive their environment and experience reality as one lifetime through the third and fourth-dimensions of space and time. We are not yet moving into a level of consciousness where we can all easily perceive and experience the fifth-dimension, even though it does theoretically simultaneously exist in and around our current fourth-dimensional reality.

It can also be said that human beings generally have a level of third-density consciousness and over time have the ability to evolve and move up the spectrum to fourth and fifth-density-consciousness.

Humans have third, fourth or fifth-density consciousness within a third and fourth-dimension.

Shifting Density Consciousness

Individually, many human beings are waking up to see the world in a new way. Their awareness and consciousness of the truth of reality and the world is shifting at a rapid pace. They realise that what they have been told the world is, is not really what the world is. They are becoming aware that much information has been held from humanity and we have more power, choice and control over our lives than we have been told.

This awakening is shifting the consciousness of individuals up the spectrum from high third-density consciousness into low fourth-density consciousness and beyond. Collectively, as more and more people start to wake up, this awakening expands to be a shift in the consciousness of humanity rather than a series of individuals.

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The question is, how long will it take each individual and the collective to shift from 3D to 4D to 5D? Based on the evolution from 1D of rocks and elements to 2D plants and animals to the 3D consciousness of humanity, this could be thousands, tens of thousands or millions of years.

Theoretically, could the whole humanity wake up one day and have a complete shift of awareness and consciousness and a jump into 5D consciousness and living in utopia? Yes, theoretically. Is it likely? Who knows? But based on the current polarities and state of the world, it feels like much of humanity is still in third-density consciousness. How long will they stay there? Again, who knows.

The best way forward for the individual is probably not to wait for humanity to wake up and take you with them to a higher level. The best way forward is to get up every day, and for now, do the work to shift your awareness and consciousness and work towards becoming an empowered sovereign being who takes responsibility for their choices and does not impose on others in the process. In doing so, you will raise the aspect of consciousness that is you and allow for others to do the same.

So What?

It is important as always to remember that what I talk about here is not “the” answer. It is not saying that others are wrong and this is right.

It is one perspective, model, framework, or way of seeing the world and joining the dots that makes sense, for me, for now. So as always, be open to this as an idea or series of ideas. Take what works for you right now, leave the rest and come back to it if and when you need it or it makes sense or feels right to do so.

What is important to understand is what people are referring to when they talk about this shift from3D to 4D to 5D. Are they talking about dimensions or density and density consciousness? Is their definition of dimensions or density the same as outlined here or different? Do they even know what they mean when they say

In other words, question everything. Everything. Including what I’ve told you here!!!

And if I shift my consciousness and find a new understanding that changes this, I will let you know!!

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt