Introducing Ego And Soul

In a battle of soul versus ego, either can come out ahead. Soul and ego exist to help us understand separation and oneness or whole simultaneously. They are equally important. They are both valuable tools to help us navigate the physical world. If we demonise the ego or disconnect from the soul, we miss out on the valuable gifts they have for us.

What Is The Soul?

Everything exists in an infinite field of energy. We can call it God, the Universe, Consciousness, Source, prana, chi, life force. We’ll call it Source. Source is everything and creates everything through energy.

At one point, an aspect of you, let’s call it your higher self, decided it wanted to experience something different. Your higher self thought of you. When your physical body was created, Source and your higher self projected an energetic aspect of itself onto the Earth to give life to your physical body.

Your Soul is the intangible life force energy that gives life to your physical form and exists in and around the human body. When your soul leaves the body, the life force leaves too, and the body dies.

Your soul is not your physical body, nor is it the thoughts, emotions or physical sensations you experiences. Your soul is the one experiencing them.

Your soul is the eternal observer and the one experiencing your physical life.

Your soul is the aspect of you that understands oneness, the whole and energy in etheric form.

Your soul is the aspect that understands why your higher self created you and your purpose for being here. Your soul is you.

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What Is The Ego?

Ego has often been demonised in the spiritual world as something to overcome or conquer. But ego is not your enemy.

The ego is a sense of self and identity created in our minds. The thoughts, beliefs, and ideas about who and what we are, are repeated repeatedly in our minds, and we begin to think it is true.

In the physical realm of Earth, objects, people, and things are distinct and separate from one another. We need to understand ourselves as separate, or we will experience ourselves as part of a whole. If this happens, we would not be able to differentiate ourselves from a  bus driving toward us and move out of the way.

The ego is based on our three-dimensional perception and our experience and interpretation of the external world. We use the external world to compare and contrast ourselves against other people, concepts and things. We form a picture about ourselves.

The go uses physical forms as external references when we move about the world and live our lives. It is constantly recalibrating our position in the world and level of safety in relation to those on the outside. It speaks to us to let us know when we are at risk.  We need to experience ourselves as separate to keep ourselves safe. This is the role of the ego.

The ego is the aspect of you that exists to help us in a world of physical separation and individuality.

The ego is the aspect of you that understands separation, matter and energy in physical form.

How To Recognise The Voice Of Soul Or Ego

The ego and the sol both speak to us but in different voices. When we come to recognise these two voices we can determine when, how and why we need to respond to each.

The ego speaks the language of the physical realm, separation and matter.

The soul speaks the language of the energetic ethereal realm, oneness and whole.

The ego uses words like I and me and is focused on the well-being of the individual and the self.

The soul uses words such as we, us, and is focused on the well-being of the whole.

The ego comes from low-vibrational energies of fear. It may feel anxious, panicky, frustrated and single-minded. We think the information comes from a voice in our head that sits within the upper part of our body. It can be a little frantic, agitated and repetitive at times. At other times it may be arrogant, bossy or demanding.

The soul comes from higher-vibrational energies of love, peace and calm. We feel the soul’s wisdom in our bodies from the chest down. This is where we get the term gut feel from. Even when the soul warns us of something or redirects us, it does so peacefully and calmly.

The ego is subjective and the soul objective. The ego is intelligent, and the soul is wise.

The ego comes from the perspective of our physical body and sees the world through the limited filters of physical sensation, thought and emotion and a single personal experience.

The soul comes from the higher self’s perspective, observing from a distance, without the filters of the individual human body and connected to the wisdom of Source.

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Why We Need Soul And Ego

The physical realm is based on polarity or duality. Polarity is where everything exists in a continuum or spectrum between two opposite or dualistic poles. The experience of the physical realm depends on your position or perspective at any time in relation to a spectrum of opposites.

Polarity exists to help us understand the difference between the separation of the physical and the oneness of the ethereal. In the physical realm, our soul helps us know oneness. The ego helps us know separation. We are two opposite aspects of the spectrum and we are experiencing two opposite ends of the spectrum at once.

The ego develops to help differentiate between you and other physical forms. The ego’s voice tells us there is something in the physical realm to pay attention to. It warns us when the physical body is at risk or danger.

The soul exists as a part of everything. The soul’s voice tells us where we need to be going to align with our purpose and reason for being here. It warns us when we are at risk of moving off track from our intended path.

Suppose we rely just on the ego and ignore or eliminate connection to or awareness of the soul. In that case, we will exist purely in separation and individuality.

If we rely just on the soul and ignore or eliminate the ego, we will exist purely in the realm of oneness and whole.

The truth is, in human form we are both separate and whole. We must balance the ego and the soul accordingly.

Traps Of The Soul And The Ego

The soul and the ego come from polar ends of the spectrum. They are both necessary. They both need to be acknowledged and heard.

The ego trap is that the ego becomes dominant at the expense of the soul and the whole. The ego tells us that we are separate and individual. We are alone, only we create our reality, and we must rely on ourselves.

Acknowledgement of our physical separation is a means of keeping us safe. The ego can push the physical condition of separation into an adverse and detrimental perspective far beyond basic safety. Unchecked, the ego can isolate us by telling us we are the only ones who can do what needs to be done. We cannot rely on anyone else, and we are alone. The ego can enhance separation and detach each of us from the whole. This pushes us towards low-density consciousness and low vibrations.

If we are trapped in ego, we forget to live in an interdependent universe. We see seeking help as powerless. We trust no one and see a world of incapable people. We focus on the good of ourselves at the expense of the whole. We fail to find meaning, and see the bigger picture and purpose for being here.

When we focus only on the individual and the self, we fail to see the truth of oneness and from where we came.

At the same time, total denial of the ego and engagement only with the ethereal aspects of the soul, the higher self and Source can result in a similar imbalance in the opposite direction.

The soul and higher self can focus only on oneness and the whole, at the expense of the individual and the physical self. We can end up becoming powerless and somewhat of a victim, waiting for others, someone or something else in the whole to do what needs to be done. We lose sight of our power and the need to take action and create in the physical realm.

We came from the ethereal realm of energy into the physical to experience polarity. To ignore the polarity of the ego is to defeat the purpose of being here.

When we focus only on oneness, we fail to see the polarities of the physical reality that make it what it is.

What Next?

The ego and the soul are just two more tools to help you navigate the physical realm. Embracing and mastering them leads to a more empowered state of being and creating.

The key is to understand the role of the ego in the physical realm and the ethereal qualities of the soul. The key is to recognise the voices and characteristics of both and when each is required.

The healthy human mind recognises our separation from others. At the same time, we are a part of a much bigger whole. We are connected to everything, and we have the power of us.

A healthy human mind goes from me OR us to me AND us.

When we balance both ego and soul, we become the individual with the power of the whole.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt