Source, Spirit, Soul

The terms Source, Spirit and Soul are used a lot in spirituality, often interchangeably. They appear to mean the same thing, but when you get into the detail, they do not. While they are connected and part of a whole, they are different.

Particular terminology is being used here, but what is important is not the names that are used, but the differences in these aspects of a larger whole, and how they inter-relate with one another.

To understand Source, Spirit and Soul, consider the idea of Source as the whole of everything and Spirit and Soul as aspects or parts of Source.

What Is Source?

Source can also be referred to as Consciousness, the Universe, the Field, Energy, Life Force, Source Consciousness, Source, Energy, Prana, God, the Mind of God, or even Spirit.

Use whatever name feels most comfortable to you, but what we are referring to here we shall call Source or Consciousness.

Source is everything that is. It is nothing and everything. It is a field of energy that runs through everything like a life force. Source can be considered as a continuous, infinite ocean of energy that includes everything that exists, and ever is and ever was.

Because everything is Source and Source is everything, it knows everything about itself. To un-know itself, it needs to create a situation where it can forget itself. It does this through your Spirit and your soul.

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What Is Spirit?

Spirit can also be referred to as “Higher Self” or “Spirit Guide.” Your Spirit is a part of the infinite ocean of Source energy and Consciousness that is everything. It is still part of the ocean but it is identifiable as something within the ocean. It is bigger than a drop in the ocean, and more like a wave.

It exists as intangible and immaterial energy. It feels complete and whole and is connected with the Universe or Source Consciousness and all other energy. It exists in spiritual realms of higher dimensions than the physical third dimension that we know. From these higher dimensions it is aware of you in your temporal physical form and the infinite potentials and possibilities for your life at any point in time.

Your Spirit or Higher Self is what manifested the thought or idea of you as a possible way of experiencing itself in a new way. It created you in physical, temporal form as a human being. It is the aspect of Source that connects your physical human form to the larger, ephemeral and energetic field that is everything.

When you as the human being can connect to your Higher Self you can tap into higher wisdom that comes from a wider and more objective perspective of your current situation. When you are connected to your Spirit or Higher Self you feel connected to something bigger than yourself that guides you in the right direction, because it is connected to infinite wisdom and intelligence.

What Is Soul?

At its essence, the word soul means life and is what gives life to the human form. We know that everything is energy and energy transforms from one state to another but never disappears, it only changes form. Your soul is energy. It is a life force and can never be destroyed but only transform.

It is one drop in the ocean, taken from the wave that is your Spirit or Higher Self. It is still a part of the ocean and the wave, but it is separate.

In the third dimension, everything is physical. The energy of your soul manifests in the physical form as the human being you know as you. Your soul is an energetic conduit that allows your Spirit or Higher Self an opportunity to experience you as an aspect of itself in a new way.

Your soul is the energetic conduit that exists in and around your physical body and gives life to your brain and body. In physical human form, the energy your soul manifest in three aspects of mind, body and heart. These three aspects are tools to help you perceive, understand and navigate the physical world we know as planet Earth. How you use them will impact your experience of life here on Earth.

The energetic vibration of the soul energetically reflects the health and wellbeing of your mind, body, heart and temporal human form on planet Earth. The level of wellbeing in your mind, body and heart will be reflected in the energetic vibrations of your soul. The wellbeing of your soul will be reflected in your mind, body and heart. Your human form is connected to your Higher Self through the soul as an energetic bridge or conduit.

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Connection And Disconnection

When you are connected to your Higher Self and follow the intelligence, wisdom and path it is communicating to you, you will have a strong energy flow and life force that fuels your body, mind, heart and soul with energy. When you are disconnected from your Higher Self and spiritual essence, and off your path, your energy will slow, and your body, mind, heart and soul will shift into unwellness.

When the energetic life sources cease to fuel the temporal human form, the body dies and the energetic form of the soul returns to the Higher Self and transforms as another drop in the ocean of Source and Consciousness.

At your core, you are a spiritual or energetic being having a physical experience here on Earth.

The problem is that most of us are disconnected from our mind, body and heart, which in turn disconnects us from our Soul, our Spirit and Source.

As long as we live disconnected and separated we will experience pain and suffering. To feel better and reduce our suffering, we must start to become aware and reconnect back to our mind, body, heart and soul. Through this process, we will reconnect back to our Spirt and in turn Source, where we will remember and understand that we are merely a drop in the ocean of Source energy, and that we are connected to everything.

Understanding these different aspects of Source and that at your core you are a Soul and a Higher Self or Spirit, and a part of Source is the first step in raising your awareness and understanding of who and what you are.

You can stay disconnected and fragmented, or start to work to reconnect and reignite the parts of your whole.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt