What Is The C-Word

I did not necessarily want to talk about the C-word, Covid, coronavirus, the vax, or your vax status, or mine, politics, politicians, the state of the world or the country, or what stupidity was rolled out today.

I did not want my work to be specifically about that or any of the day to day happenings in the three-dimensional reality.

But it is unavoidable. Because everything is connected, so we need to talk about it.

Because what is happening in our collective and individual three-dimensional realities is an indication of something much bigger and much greater.

As I sat down to create content that I hope will help someone, I realised these taboo topics are exactly what needs to be talked about. Because the fact that we haven’t talked about this stuff openly, publicly, for so long, is exactly why we are where we are today. Individually, collectively, globally, in Australia or wherever you are in the world.

Let’s Talk About The Taboo

In my entire school career and adult life, I cannot remember openly discussing politics, religion, sex or money. Through 13 years of schooling, I never learned about the constitution, the law, or how the legal, financial, and government systems worked. We never discussed morals or ethics, natural law, or any law, what makes a good relationship or how to have a good relationship with another person or yourself. We were told what religious beliefs to hold, but never discussed how we felt about them or spirituality. Money was totally off the table,

Yet these are the things that form the fundamental foundations of modern society. But we don’t talk about them, publicly or privately, and we certainly don’t teach or talk about these things with our children.

Even worse than not teaching these topics, we do not teach our children how to think critically and creatively and to question the way the world and nature works, the government, authority, or what is right for them.

As a result, we now have generations of apathetic and ignorant individuals blindly following the herd.

It is beyond time to talk about and question the way we are told the world is and the way things are.

It is beyond time to consider if the world we live in is the best we can do.

It is beyond time to do better in the world rather than leaving it up to someone else.

It is beyond time to start to take responsibility for oneself, worry about yourself and the consequences of your choices and decisions, and empower others to do the same.

What Is Your Vax Status?

One thing that people are talking about lately is your vax status, whether you have checked in and whether you agree with the government?

Did you check-in? Did you tell the government what you are doing? No?

Are you vaxxed? No?

Do you agree with the government? No?

Most assume the answers to these questions will be yes. But if no, you are quickly labelled as an anti-vaxxer/ conspiracy theorist/ radical/ selfish/ psychopath or more recently in Australia, a domestic terrorist.

Those who pose these questions are rarely open to the possibility that you could be an independent, critical thinker who questions the world and the word of government and external authority and chooses to think and make decisions for themselves.

No, you are selfish.

The people that are suddenly so concerned with the status, thoughts ,beliefs, values and choices of others are the very same people who would be offended and appalled if someone turned around and asked them their HIV status or when they last had a pap smear or a breast or prostate exam.

If you are asking these questions of others, think about why, and how you would feel if questioned and condemned in the same way for the way you see the world.

What has changed that all of a sudden, individuals are taking it upon themselves to ask their friends, family, work colleagues, and even total strangers, their medical status?

What has changed that people suddenly think they have the right to ask another person for private information?

What has changed that makes people think it is their business to police, judge and condemn the individual choices another person makes?


Governments and mainstream media around the world are fuelling a narrative of fear and death and destruction. We are constantly told there is a killer virus, to wear a mask, get a jab, stay inside, social distance, stand aside, disconnect and stay away. Or you will die, and those who do not comply will be the ones who kill you.

We are told to blindly trust the experts, the science and the data that has never been openly provided to the public.

We are told to be quiet, do not question and do as we are told. For the common good and at the expense and sacrifice of the beliefs, values and freedom of the individual.

People comply because they are either scared of the invisible enemy they believe will kill them and the people who do not comply OR the fines and punishments they will receive if they do not.

People are treated by governments, mainstream media and external authorities as stupid and incapable of deciding for themselves. Unfortunately, in many cases this may be true. Because we’ve failed to talk about important topics in the past and educate and empower people with the skills and information to make good choices and decisions for themselves.

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Failing Governments, Failing World

Governments, mainstream media and external authorities are failing to provide advice, information, support and help to their citizens. Instead, they instil fear, mistrust, separation and division as they tell us to stay in our homes, lock the door, muzzle up, close our businesses, do not work and do not earn an income.

As a result, the world is experiencing failing economies, increasing mental health issues, disconnection, isolation, depression, separation, division and fear. Many people are choosing to ignore these things and pretend they are not there.

Because it’s not affecting them…yet.

Because their life is still okay…so far.

The threat is not the virus. The threat is external authorities who are failing the people. It is the government that is failing to provide a broad spectrum of perspectives, information and experts to discuss the options. It is the mainstream media who sensationalise and distort information for views and likes rather than provide a balanced, objective, real perspective. It is those who tell you they know best, you cannot think for yourself and they must do your thinking for you.

It is external authorities who are failing to empower and educate people to be sovereign, responsible, autonomous and free.

They are the real threat to the future of humanity and you have a choice to make.

Take Responsibility For Yourself

You can hand over your responsibility to the government, the mainstream media and other external authorities to do your thinking for you. You can choose to condemn, criticize and castigate those who think differently, who question authority and the status quo and choose what is right for them rather than the herd.

Or, you can be one of them. You can be a free, sovereign being.

As a sovereign being, you can take responsibility for yourself, explore a broad range of information from a broad range of sources, draw a conclusion, make a decision and a choice that is right for you and bear the consequences.

As a sovereign being, you can respect the right of others to do the same.

As a sovereign being, you can choose to talk to someone who makes a different choice than you. Politely and respectfully, try to understand, and treat them the way you would like to be treated. Before you label them an anti-vaxxer/ conspiracy theorist/ radical / selfish/ a psychopath or domestic terrorist. Before you choose to condemn, criticize, castigate or shun them for being different. Think about how you would like to be treated, for the idea, values and beliefs that you choose to hold.

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It’s Time To Talk About The C-Word, And Everything Else…

At present, we are living in a world dominated by fear, separation, division and authoritarian dictatorships. While you personally might be okay right now, the result of forced compliance and coercion on some or many is ultimately suffering for the whole.

While you still have your job and your home, your community will suffer as a result of other people’s jobs and homes being lost, businesses closed, families divided and individuals shunned.

While the collective chooses without question to follow authority down a path of fear, destruction, division and separation that is what we will get and what we will create, collectively.

The only way out is for every individual to choose to step off the current path and choose another way.

The only way out is for every individual to choose sovereignty, think critically, search for objective truth and stand up for freedom and the rights of all.

The only way out is to take self-responsibility, be your authority, do what is right for you, and allow others to do the same.

And to know that despite what it appears, you are not alone.

The future we all get is a result of what we each choose to do and be today. It is beyond time to start talking about the C-word and everything else we have swept under the carpet. Before it is too late.

The choice is yours.

…Liz Watt