Mind, Body, Heart And Soul

When the soul enters the body it gives life to the human form and creates a conduit for energy to funnel through as an essential life force. This inexplicable energy brings life to the human form through the operation of the brain. The brain is the core of the human body and sustains life. For the human body to stay alive, the brain must stay alive. For the brain to stay alive, the soul must remain inhabiting the body as the energetic conduit. How exactly this works is largely unknown.

The energetic soul is reflected physically in human form through the mind, heart and body. Each of these aspects produces thought, emotion and action as a way of imagining and creating in the three-dimensional world. As our operational core, the brain is configured to power each of these three parts. It clearly shows us we are designed from the inside out to use our mind, body and heart as a tool of creation.

The Triune Brain

Dr Paul D. MacLean developed the Triune Brain Theory in the 1960s. The theory is based on the division of the brain into three distinct regions. His theory suggests the brain developed over time through evolution. Regardless of how the brain developed, what is most interesting is that each of the three areas powers an aspect of the body, mind and heart connection. These parts of the brain include the following.

  • The reptilian brain (physical/ body) powers the physical body and remains the central brain in cold-blooded animals.
  • The mammalian brain (emotional/ heart) powers the heart and emotions or chemicals of the body and has developed in mammals such as cats and dogs.
  • The neocortex (thinking/ mind) powers the analytical and thinking mind and is most prominent in human beings.

These three parts are typical in many mammals, but what makes humans so unique, is the neocortex has developed further in humans than any other known species and provides us with unique capabilities to create.

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Reptilian Brain: Physical Body, Perception And Action

The triune brain theory suggests the basal ganglia or reptilian brain was acquired first. It is the fundamental brain that keeps our automatic physical systems functioning and the body alive. It keeps your heart beating, your blood pumping and your hair and nails growing. This brain also houses ancient responses to conditions in the external realm that have been learned and programmed into us for generations and thousands of years. When we learn or memorise a physical skill it is stored here.

The reptilian brain keeps multiple physical systems functioning which helps moderate the human body in response to the external environment and conditions. The reptilian brain ultimately serves the following purposes:

  • To keep the physical body and species alive through automatic operation and continuous functioning of multiple systems such as the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, integumentary, immune, reproductive and respiratory systems.
  • To perceive the external physical world through the five physical senses which we experience as sensations of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch via the nervous system.
  • To react and respond to the external world through action and behaviour and regulation of the skeletal and muscular systems.

Mammalian Brain: Heart And Emotion

The mammalian brain, limbic brain or mid-brain is the second brain and can be referred to as the emotional or feeling chemical brain. It is responsible for regulating and maintaining internal body states in response to the external environments and conditions perceived through the five physical senses.

The purpose of the mammalian brain is to help navigate the world and perceive your physical levels of safety and security so you can then focus on changing conditions and creating an improved quality of life.

The reptilian brain perceives the eternal environment as hot or cold, or light or dark but it cannot do anything with this information. The mammalian brain transforms the energetic frequency that is perceived and converts it into a particular emotion of the same frequency. It does this by releasing certain chemicals into the body via the endocrine system.

An emotion is a collection of physical sensations and feelings in the body as a result of particular chemicals released in the brain.

Emotions are an internal representation and experience of an external condition.

The release of certain chemicals will be experienced as a set of internal sensations. We experience anger as an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, perspiration and body temperature. Anxiety is a racing heart, shallow breathing and a restriction in the chest. Joy, peace or calm is a lowered heart rate and a sense of relaxation.

Each experience of the external world has a particular vibrational energy and associated chemical or emotional recipe. The mammalian brain stores these recipes and will retrieve them to run again the next time you encounter something of a similar frequency. It is designed to tell you exactly how safe or unsafe your physical body is.

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Neocortex: Mind And Thought

The neocortex or thinking brain is what makes humans unique from other species. It is the outer shell, and according to Dr MacLean, the last part of the brain to develop. It is the thinking and reasoning brain that allows you to analyse, critique, reflect, rationalise, imagine and create.

The neocortex takes the information perceived by the reptilian brain, and experienced by the mammalian brain and converts it into a thought of the same frequency and vibration. It processes and interprets the thought to find meaning and understanding and creates beliefs, memories and ideas.

The neocortex is responsible for processing and creating your perception of reality. Your previous experiences and the thoughts you have about them will influence the way you process thought and the ideas you imagine. When we express certain actions and behaviours in reaction or response to our thoughts about external conditions we begin to create our reality in the three-dimensional realm.

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What Next?

A human brain is a powerful tool that allows us to align the mind, body and heart with the true purpose, needs and desires of the soul.

When we allow the brain to run on autopilot without awareness of our perception or experience we live in a state of automated reaction. When we slow down and start to become aware of our sensations, emotions and thoughts we can start to control them, and choose the thoughts we want to keep or let go of and the emotions we want to repeat or remove. We can consciously respond to our external conditions with clarity and control and start to change our reality into something that serves us and keeps us safe, calm and happy.
A human brain is a  powerful tool. The question is, are you going to consciously drive it, or allow it to drive you.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt

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