The Future Of Humanity

Are you concerned for the future of humanity? Do you feel there is something you are here to do, but you’re not sure what?

This is the fourth article in a four-part series exploring my new book “Unity : How the Universe, the world and YOU really work.”

In part 1, we covered how the universe, consciousness and energy works.

In part 2, we covered how we, as human beings, are designed to function and how separation and trauma are stopping us from living to our full potential.

In part 3, we covered the human systems that control the world.

Chapter 17 | Individual Awakening

In part 3, we explored the systems of control that make up the human-made world. The agenda of a small group of people is to control the world and all of society.

The human condition is that we come here as spiritual beings to experience the physical realm and forget the truth of who we are. We each have the opportunity to make daily decisions that affect our overall journey and the timeline of our life. But more and more people are awakening and beginning to see the truth of the world and the systems that we live within.

“Spiritual awakening is becoming aware of that which relates to regions beyond the three-dimensional nature of Earth. It is becoming aware of the reality of what is happening in your internal and external worlds beyond the immediate physical reality.

Awakening is about asking questions and discovering the truth about yourself, the world and the universe. It is the process of seeing the world and yourself for what it is. It is shifting from living in darkness, fear, reaction, suffering and separation to light, love, response, trust, unity and wholeness.

Awakening is not about becoming something or someone different. It is the opposite. It is about stripping back the programming and the facade, being yourself and seeing reality for what it is. Awakening takes as long as it takes and is different for everyone. Some people never start in this lifetime. Many never finish.”

The journey of spiritual awakening is challenging. It requires us to turn inwards and face all the different parts of ourself that we do and do not want to see. It requires us to unlearn everything we think we know, to be open, ask questions and face what we are confronted with.

Every day, more people are beginning the journey of awakening and having the courage to face who they really are, the truth and lies of what we have been told about our world. As more people awaken to the truth, more of the truth is revealed, and we each move towards unity.

Chapter 18 | Unity

Humans have had a huge impact on the planet. Yes, our human-made systems have created a  lot of destruction with short-term gratification and lack of consideration for the long-term.

The biggest problems currently facing humanity and planet Earth include:

  • 01 | Morality, freedom and control | Humanity has forgotten we are sovereign beings with free will and choice and are on the brink of being taken over.
  • 02 | Misinformation and spiritual crisis | Humanity has forgotten who we are as ethereal being and is in a collective spiritual crisis. We need to rediscover it to move forward.
  • 03 | Nefarious technology, artificial intelligence and human redundancy | Technology keeps us distracted and trapped and makes humans redundant
  • 04 | Globalisation and systemic collapse |
  • 05 | Ecosystems and land | If we do not begin to live aligned with ecosystems we will tip the entire planet out of balance.

These problems are merely symptoms. The cause of these problems is unconsciousness, apathy and laziness in human beings. Most of all, while we continue to live separated, divided and polarised from one another, we will continue to fail to consider others and the whole that we are a part of.

Humanity must change and stop allowing our current artificial, human-made systems of control to continue to prosper. We must begin to awaken individually so we can move into unity consciousness.

“Unity consciousness is fifth-density consciousness. It is a level of consciousness, awareness, and understanding that every being and everything is a drop in the ocean. Everything is unique, significant, sovereign, and part of a whole.

Unity consciousness is living aligned with universal and natural law and our true essence. Unity consciousness is acting in the best interests of both the individual and the whole.

Unity consciousness is living with consideration of the needs of the self AND the whole and understanding that if we hurt ourselves, we hurt the whole. If we hurt the whole, we hurt ourselves. Unity Consciousness and natural law consider the impact on everything and everyone in every choice.

  • Is it good for me and every part of myself?
  • Is it good for other people and all of humanity?
  • Is it good for the planet and all species, ecosystems and aspects of life?

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Chapter 19 | Collective Ascension

We live in a world of rhythms, cycles, energy and vibration at every scale. Universal law tells us naturally, everything will rise and fall in cycles within cycles.

Where Humanity and planet Earth are right now is a part of a natural cycle of ascension and polarity. We are all playing a part.

We are in the process of moving from one polarity to the other. The shadow and darkness are being brought to the surface and highlighted by the light. People are awakening to the same extent the darkness is being exposed. The darkness causes awakening, and awakening shines a light on the darkness.

As part of the collective, your role is to awaken and shine your light, so humanity can together ascend to higher levels of consciousness. There will be much turmoil and multiple stages of change.

  • The first wave is well underway and includes those who have chosen for many years to do the internal work, clear their trauma and raise their vibration individually to a point where collectively, their light can expose the darkness of the world.
  • The second wave of change is where many begin to awaken and become scared of the truth of reality, which is where we are now. They will get angry, fight and take to the streets, which brings even more to the light. Until they realise this is not the answer.
  • The third wave of change is beginning. Humanity must realise we cannot change the systems by fighting them or asking them to change. Instead, we must detach and create something new and allow them to collapse and crumble.

Moving Forward

We each have our journey of individual awakening within a collective ascension towards unity consciousness. All you can do is play your own part.

“You cannot force or impose awakening. You cannot force yourself or other people to sense, think, feel, act or intuit things differently. Even when you consciously know the current reality is not working and needs profound change.

You cannot tell people what is happening and ask or demand they see the world for what it truly is. You can show them, but you have to accept them to choose to perceive, experience and know it for themselves. They must shift their energetic frequency and consciously choose a different, more united way. Or not.

You have to experience the dark to understand and desire the light. You have to experience the bad to understand and desire the good. You have to experience the good or the light to appreciate the lesson in the dark or the bad. Humanity has been in the darkness for long enough. The pain and suffering of this have finally become too much to bear. The pain and process of waking up, seeing the world, working through your trauma and shifting your frequency is less than the pain of continuing as we are.

What is happening externally in the world is a projection and reflection of what is happening internally within humanity. We are collectively in a state of unrest and a move away from separation, polarity and third-density consciousness. The extent of the trauma of corruption, fear and terror of the controllers expose and projects itself into the world in new and unique ways that we can no longer ignore.

We are at a pivotal time in human history. More and more people are seeing the truth of the world more than ever before. There are multiple possible timelines and paths we can individually and collectively take. The question is, what path will you choose? And how long will it take?

What do you think the future of humanity is? Let me know in the comments below…

…Liz Watt

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