The Huma-Made Realm

Do you feel like there is something not quite right in the world, but you’re not sure what? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, you don’t fit in? There’s a very good reason for this, and you are not alone.

This is the third episode in a four-part series exploring my new book “Unity : How the Universe, the world and YOU really work.”

In part 1, we covered the Mega, or how the universe, consciousness and energy works.

In part 2, we covered how we, as human beings, are designed to function and how separation and trauma are stopping us from living to our full potential.

Chapter 10 | Human History

We have been exposed to two theories of human development through evolution or creation. The answer lies somewhere in between and includes both.

So, we were either placed on the Earth or evolved from the simplest life form to a human being, but at some point, we appeared as human beings in our current form.

From that point, we have been given a narrative that human history evolved through the agricultural revolution and farming and then the scientific which expanded our knowledge and understanding of the world and resulted in the industrial revolution, advancements in technology and where we are today.

We are told that throughout this process, human beings naturally created societies based on a system of authority and hierarchy where rulers, monarchs and governments have power and control over the rest of the people. And now, that artificial intelligence and technology will begin to replace and enhance the human form.

Many propose we continue to follow this projected timeline, which Harari and others claim to be a natural evolution of human domination over the planet and the species. It is proposed to use technology to pursue immortality, transhumanism, and genetic and digital modification of humans and other species. Many in power support the integration of every aspect of ourselves, lives, bodies, minds and hearts with a worldwide system of digital technology. The dissolution of the human being into an artificial alternative is suggested to be a natural process.

This will result in total human control of the planet and humans. It is an artificial future that completely ignores the natural, spiritual and energetic aspects of humanity and Earth. It is dangerous for us to accept these narratives and future projections blindly. They are completely misaligned with nature and natural law and set us on a path of dystopian self-destruction.

We are told the world is the way it is, because it is the way it is. But what if it’s not?

What if what we have been told about our human history and the way our world has “naturally” evolved is not true?

Unity explores an alternative history evident in our architecture and cities at a deeper level.

Chapter 11 | Co-Creation

There are four realms that we experience in our human form:

The natural ethereal realm includes the energies of everything created by the pure life force energy of Source. It encompasses all the other realms in our universe, species and things we can and cannot perceive. It encompasses us and what we create as we were created by Source.

The natural worldly realm includes the natural, physical conditions we can perceive in the three-dimensional realm of Earth.

The unnatural human-made mental realm includes intangible concepts and constructs that start in humans’ thoughts and minds.

The unnatural human-made physical realm includes tangible forms that start in the human mind but come into physical reality through actions and behaviours.

In part 1 we discussed energy and universal laws that govern our reality. Because of the way energy works, the thoughts, intentions and actions of human beings are working together to create our physical reality, or the human-made realm.

However, this reality is so detached from the qualities of the natural realm created by Source Consciousness. The human-made systems we are collectively and actively supporting and contributing to are preventing us from living to our full potential.

Most of us are completely unaware of our reality and that there are alternative possibilities that we can collectively create if we shift our focus.

Chapter 12,13,14 | Human-Made Systems

In part 2, we covered the worldly, relational and ethereal aspects of the human being, seven in total. We begin to thrive when our human needs in each area are met. When our needs are not met, we suffer and decline.

Chapters 12, 13, and 14 cover in detail the unnatural and artificial human-made systems that completely oppose nature, natural law and natural human behaviour.

Body – Health, medical and food systems are full of artificial, toxic substances. They destroy wellness, make us sick and stop us from thriving.

Heart/ Emotions – Financial and economic systems are based on debt and exponential growth. They create emotional stress and keep us feeling unsafe and insecure.

Mind/ Thoughts – Education, academia and media systems destroy the mind’s natural tendencies to question, think critically and search for truth. They indoctrinate us and make us dumb.

Relationships/ Society – Legal systems of government, politics, human law, and law enforcement are authority, hierarchy, power, and control systems. They destroy freedom and connection to natural law and create injustice and losers. They keep us in fear.

Soul – Socially constructed categorisations, cultures and roles destroy a sense of esteem, value and worth. They keep us disconnected and separated.

Higher Self/ purpose – Business, work systems and human commoditisation destroy the time and space to explore creativity, imagination and innovation. They keep us distracted from purpose and meaning.

Spirituality – Religious and new-age systems control and disconnect us from Source, truth and the power we are. They keep us small.

None of these systems are designed to enhance human life or support for human beings to thrive. They are the exact opposite.

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Chapter 15 | Tools Of Control

When we comply and co-operate with these systems, we continue to reinforce and co-create them. So why do we continue to comply with these systems that do not serve us?

Chapter 15 explores the tools of control that underpin our human-made realm.

Human beings are born free and sovereign, and yet we are told that we must go to school for 12 or more years, get a certain type of job where we earn money to pay taxes, interest and fines and stay enslaved in a system until retirement. We are tracked and monitored when we travel and require permission from councils and the government to do many things. We just accept this.

These systems are designed on concepts of power, greed, hierarchy and authority. They rely on fear, manipulation, coercion, scarcity and lack to keep people complying, terrified of what will happen if they don’t.

These systems rely on herd mentality and the common good. If one starts to question the narrative we have been given, they are quickly pushed back into their place by authority, hierarchy, peers, family and friends. We are rewarded when we comply and punished when we don’t.

The human-made systems and the reality we live in are a framework and systems of control. It is very difficult to step outside them, yet possible.

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Chapter 16 | Artificial Reality

Chapter 16 explores the potential timeline of our current reality and the proposed future driven by a small group of people at the top.

The human-made control systems do not work for many other than those at the top. There is a better, more natural way for humans, and many people intuitively search for this.

In response, governments and leaders are shifting the narrative to provide a supposed solution to the collective suffering and struggle of the world. Terms like globalisation and centralisation are increasingly starting to be used by authorities to solve the very problems they have created. So what is this new narrative we are blindly being asked to follow?

More and more, we are seeing concepts of centralised authority, power and control being introduced, where a single point of authority controls certain aspects of life across the entire world or large areas. Examples of this are the United Nations and the European Union.

Many people in power are proposing digital systems of technology and artificial intelligence to track and monitor the behaviours and habits of individuals.

Towards Utopia Or Dystopia?

Human beings live very disconnected from nature and our natural way of being. It is easy to follow your natural programming and believe the world is the way it is, even though it feels wrong. Or, you can choose to

Humanity is at a pivotal point. Either we continue on our current path into a dystopia of artificial intelligence and more and more hierarchy and control. Or, we can see our reality for what it is, choose sovereignty and self-responsibility and say no to authority, power, coercion, manipulation, fear and control.

We all have the power to choose something else and more towards something more utopian and a better world.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt

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