Got Some Questions?

Do you feel like there’s way more to life than what we have been told, but not quite sure exactly what? Do you have some big questions that need answers?

This is the first article in a four-part series that walks you through my new book “Unity, How the universe, the world and you really work.”

How Unity Was Born…

I started writing this book in June 2019, and it took me three years to complete. After a decade of soul searching, questioning, and truth-seeking, I needed some way to make sense of all the pieces of information and understanding I had accumulated. So I started writing.

A lot of it came easily and flowed, and other parts required research and intellectual exploration. It was messy and disconnected and took time to order, re-order, understand and unravel some of the information in a way that made sense.

The challenge with writing a linear book about spiritual and philosophical concepts is they are all connected. To understand chapter one, you need to understand chapter ten, and vice versa. So, this final version is written as a linear story or arrangement of interconnected concepts and ideas. You can read cover to cover, or flip between one of the four sections, chapters or even pick and choose smaller paragraphs or concepts within a chapter, depending on what works for you and depending on what resonates at the time.

The Book Format

Unity is divided into four parts:

  • Part 01 | The Mega or the universe – Consider the big picture and understand how reality and the physical realm of planet Earth function so you can consciously begin to use these principles in your life.
  • Part 02 | The Micro or the individual human – Learn how your mind, body, emotions and soul function together as a creation tool or vessel to carry your soul through the physical world.
  • Part 03 | The Macro or human world – Understand the artificial reality humanity has created and how it affects humans so you can make better choices in life.
  • Part 04 | The Cosmos or all – Jump back to the big picture with a deeper understanding of where we are so you can more consciously consider the future of humanity and planet Earth.

Let’s start with some big questions about the Mega or the universe.

Chapter 01 | Consciousness

Let’s start with the opening lines of chapter 1.

“Before anything, there was an ocean of nothing and potential for everything. Energy. A field. A field of energy. Sea of energy. Ocean of energy. A force. Life force. A Consciousness. Higher Consciousness. Spirit. Source. Source energy. Prana. God. The Mind of God. All that is and was and ever will be.

Let us call it Source, Source Consciousness or Consciousness with a capital C.

Source is the point of origin from which something comes into being or is derived or obtained.

Consciousness is awareness of or perception of something.

Source Consciousness is the point of origin of awareness and consciousness.

…Source is an infinite and eternal field of energy that vibrates and includes nothing and everything that ever is, ever was and ever will be.”

The starting point to understand anything we are experiencing in this human life is to understand energy. Everything is energy and exists in an infinite field of energy, frequency and vibration. Energy is in a constant state of transformation. It shifts and morphs to create physical form, our external realm, and our internal realm and experiences of thought, sensation, feeling and emotion.

Everything that ever has and ever will exist is made from energy. As humans, we can start to know energy, but we don’t fully understand the origins, nature or reasons for this infinite field of energy.

We don’t know why Source Consciousness exists or what created it, especially if it is everything. But because it is everything, the ultimate purpose of Source Consciousness is to know every aspect of itself, which is why everything exists.

A search for truth requires a certain level of acceptance of some base concepts and ideas, to begin with. It requires us to tap into ourselves and our intuition at a deeper level and ask what we know to be true as we go along.

This chapter explores different aspects of Source or consciousness and the search for truth. As humans, we each have a level of consciousness or awareness of ourselves and the world around us. We can perceive and experience, but because we are separate and individual, our perceptions and perspectives are all unique and different.

I constantly remind you to get curious, ask questions, and seek your answers.

I don’t have all the answers. No-one does. Just like you, I’m trying to figure out how the pieces go tougher. This process is intended to help you shortcut the learning, fill some of the gaps in your understanding, and raise more questions for further exploration.

The question is, how do we remember the truth of who we are? The answer begins with understanding how consciousness and energy works.

Chapter 02 | Realms

With an understanding of energy, chapter 2 starts to explore the different realms created by energy.

“A realm is a region, sphere or domain in which something prevails and can refer to any area of activity, interest or thought… Realms can describe parameters of universes or dimensions and the worldly, as well as physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual and ethereal realms and aspects of the self. A realm is like a cloud of consciousness taking a particular form within the overall ocean of Source.

Worldly relates to the three-dimensional world and its pursuits rather than spiritual or ethereal affairs.

Ethereal relates to the regions beyond the three-dimensional experience of Earth.”

There are multiple scales of realms. Within Source Consciousness, we have universes, which are a system of energy working together. Multi-verses are a group of multiple universes that work and interact together. They are a system of systems.

We have been told that planet Earth exists within the Milky Way or one universe. But this concept of realms assumes there is more beyond what we see in the sky. We don’t know for sure because we haven’t been there, so some of these concepts require faith and an open mind. But even if all that exists is what we can see from Earth, many laws and principles still govern our reality.

Within our universe are dimensions, which quite simply are the laws and principles that determine how a particular realm functions.

A simple way to begin to understand this is to understand our reality of space and time on Earth. We take a point and first extend it to a line. The second dimension extends the line to a flat plane, and the third dimension extrudes the plane to three-dimensional space and form. The fourth dimension adds time and places objects at a point in linear time. Beyond the fourth dimension, time and space start to do some crazy things!

We also explore density consciousness and different levels of awareness and then wrap up specifically with the Earth experiment. This is the idea that planet Earth was created as  realm with particular conditions that aspects of Source could come into and experience.

At its core, the Earth experiment is about creating a contained environment where aspects of Source Consciousness could morph into a wide range of physical forms and experiences.

Everything is energy of different frequencies and levels of consciousness and awareness. A rock or a plant has a different level of awareness than a dog or a human. So the whole game we are playing on planet Earth is about contrasting energies and the process of expansion and raising vibrations and consciousness versus contraction and lowering vibrations and consciousness.

The question is what is the relevance of the universe, and concepts like dimensions and the earth experiment to everyday life? The answer lies in understanding how universal laws impact your reality.

Chapter 03 | Universal Law

Universal Law encompasses the natural, non-man-made and immutable conditions that determine how reality and consequence operate within our universal realm and the Earth experiment.

You could consider universal law like an agreement between aspects of Source to create a series of conditions or trends on how energy will function within a particular realm.

Everything within that realm is subject to those universal or energetic laws, regardless of whether you know they exist or not.

What this means is that everything you think, do or feel is affected by universal laws and the behaviour of energy. Most people are completely unconscious of this, and so are creating and living unconsciously.

When you begin to study and understand universal laws and how energy functions in our reality, you can begin to create consciously, deliberately and with awareness. Rather than accidentally.

Universal Laws have been studied throughout human history. There is no definitive list of these laws, but they come from observation of how reality and energy function. Twelve widely accepted primary universal laws include:

The law of divine oneness or mentalism | Everything is interconnected through a field of energy and affects everything else.

The law of vibration | Everything in the universe moves and vibrates on a continuum or spectrum.

The law of action | Action must be applied to create in the physical realm.

The law of correspondence | The universe is holographic and is self-similar across all scales. What exists in one world, realm, being or thing, exists in all worlds, realms, beings or things.

The law of cause and effect | Nothing happens by chance. You create your reality as the energy of every word, thought, emotion, action and behaviour have an effect or consequence of the same energetic vibration and frequency as that which created it.

The law of compensation | You get in return what you give, or what you sow you shall reap.

The law of attraction | Like energies (positive or negative) attract like energies across physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and ethereal realms. Our inner realm determines the level at which we vibrate and attract into our outer world and life.

The law of perpetual transmutation of energy | Energy is continually changing form. Nothing is permanent, and everything is temporary.

The law of relativity | Everything is only made real compared to something else.

The law of polarity or duality | Everything exists on a continuum or spectrum between opposites and can be moved or changed.

The law of rhythm | Everything moves in rhythms and cycles and shifts from one end or polarity of a spectrum to the other and back again.

The law of gender | Everything has feminine and masculine energies which must balance.

Universal Laws are operating whether you know about them or not. The question is, how do we use universal law to create in everyday life? The answer lies in understanding human behaviour through the lens of natural law.

Chapter 04 | Natural Law

The final chapter in Part 01 explores Natural Law.

Natural Law is an existing condition that is inherent in nature, truth and reality and is binding, immutable, fixed and cannot be changed.

Natural law theory defines morality and what is inherently or naturally right, wrong, good or bad as intrinsic to natural behaviour and instincts. We mainly use natural law in reference to human beings, but it applies to the natural behaviour of all species.

Natural law starts with the idea that all humans are designed with a series of needs that must be met to support us through our life journey. At a basic survival level, we must fulfil our physical needs and keep our bodies alive. When we have met that need, we shift to our emotions and the need to feel safe. We have mental or cognitive needs for learning and growth, and relational or social needs to interact with others.

These needs cover our physical self or our human form. But we also have an etheric or energetic aspect. Our soul needs to know and understand our true essence, our higher self needs to self-actualise and meet our potential or purpose, and finally, at a higher level, we need to understand and remember who and what we are and connect to Source and something bigger than ourselves.

These needs are natural and inherent in human beings, and with them comes a suite of natural rights and morals that exist to allow us to meet our needs.

Natural law defines human nature, our rights and the morals that guide our ability to meet our needs.

The premise is that we have separated as individual aspects of Source Consciousness to experience ourselves as separate, physical beings. We are connected as one energetically but separate individually. Natural law is based on ideas such as sovereignty, self-responsibility and the free will of the individual human to choose and define their own life journey without interference.

The Perfect Design

We exist in an infinite field of energy in which our universe and planet earth were created for aspects of Source to experiment, play and explore. Universal Laws and Natural Law have been created as a framework for us to function within. Human beings are intended as separate, individuals with the power to choose and create our own experience from infinite possibilities.

In theory, this is the perfect model to allow us to explore and create freely. The world we exist in and the collective of humanity are functioning in ways that do not support our natural state of being. The question is, why are we choosing to create this reality? The answer lies in the way we as human beings are designed to function that most of us are unaware of.

…Liz Watt

PS…Make sure you check out the full series to discover how the universe, the world and you really work, why the human body is one of the most powerful creation tools that exist, why the human-made world is so dysfunctional and how we can move forward.