What Is Perception?

The physical, three-dimensional world is full of wondrous things. The ways we perceive through our physical body include sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Our nervous systems perceive this information, and our brain interprets it within our body as sensations. We experience, analyse and give meaning to this information to help us understand and navigate the external world.

But what if I told you how we perceive the world and reality go far beyond the five physical senses, and you don’t even know it!

How would that change the experience of your life??!!

Let’s start with some simple definitions.

To perceive is to become aware of or understand by utilising the senses.

A sense is a mechanism by which a being or animal perceives external or internal stimuli. Physical senses include sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. But we have 3 other senses that help us perceive stimuli.

A sensation is an internal awareness or consciousness created by external or internal stimulations. We are aware of and experience sensations as inner feelings within the body that occur through the mechanisms of the senses.

Perception is how humans take in information about the external world through the body’s senses to experience the outer world internally.

This information is communicated or transmitted through energy.

Everything Is Energy

It is essential to understand everything is energy. We exist in an infinite field of energy pulsing and shifting and moving in different vibrations, frequencies, speeds and densities. Similar frequencies and vibrations in our universe are attracted to one another. They come together to appear as a tangible, physical form, or more intangible forms such as thought-form or energy form.

Physical forms only appear physical but ultimately are just one way this infinite energy or field of consciousness represents itself.

Each energetic “form” emits its frequency. So too, our physical human form is emitting frequencies that reflect the consciousness of our internal state and realm.

As we move through the physical realm, our body is constantly passing through and connecting with these different frequencies. Like frequencies attract like frequencies. Unlike frequencies sense a repulsion or negative response as they interact.

The human body is like one giant transmitter, receiving, processing and emitting energy through the body.

01 | Body + Physical Sensation

The most commonly known and the accepted way we perceive and sense external conditions and stimuli in our external world is through the five physical senses. These are sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

All external forms emit a frequency. Colour, shape, texture, sound, food, movements and forms all have a frequency that acts in combination.

Physical sensation is how the body perceives and translates energy and information into physical form.

The physical body takes in these frequencies as information through our five physical senses. We interpret this information and give them a name or a meaning.  As a society, humans have created social constructs or agreements about the words for a tree, a cat, a dog, the colour red, a loud sound, a  quiet sound. We have created shared descriptions of the external world we perceive and experience internally.

However, we will never know if what one person experiences as a tree, a cat, a dog, a colour, or a sound, is the same as another person. We will never know the way other human bodies perceive and experience sensation, as we are only experiencing our human body.

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02 | Mind + Thought

The second way we perceive information about our external world is through the mind and thought.

It is difficult to say how exactly thought is created – the human brain and the forces that keep it alive are complex and far beyond current human understanding.

We all experience thought as strings of words and sentences that run through the mind. The words and sentences are social constructs humans have created with agreed meaning. Each word and sentence is just energy with a specific frequency.

Thought is how the body perceives and translates energy and information in mental form.

Thought can arise internally in two ways:

  • An internal mechanism that translates physical sensation into mental thought about that physical sensation.
  • An internal mechanism that senses an external thought and allows us to experience it internally.

Either way, the thought is not yours. It is an energy you are perceiving, interpreting and experiencing.

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03 | Heart + Emotion

The third way we perceive information about our external realm is through emotion.

The brain takes information obtained through physical senses and thought and translates it into an emotion of the same frequency. Emotion is a chemical cocktail that is released in our bodies in response to an external trigger or perception. It produces internal feelings and a physical state that, in combination form an agreed emotion.

Emotion is how the body perceives and translates energy and information in emotional form.

We agree a racing heart, tense muscles, respiration increase, and a more alert mind preparing your body for fight or flight is fear.

We agree sweating or turning red, increased breathing, a sense of boiling blood, and feeling ready to lash out or explode is anger.

We agree that slow breathing, relaxed muscles, and feeling open across the heart are happiness.

04 | Soul + Intuition

The final way we perceive our world and our reality is through intuition.

Intuition is the ability to obtain wisdom, knowledge or information without conscious or analytical reasoning and without having to go through a process of three-dimensional perception, experience and learning.

Intuition is the information passed directly from the infinite energy field of Source Consciousness into the human brain and body. We do not have to perceive it in the physical. We perceive it directly as energy.

Intuition is experienced as a gut feel or something you know without having learned it or how you know it. However, more often than not, we ignore or dismiss our intuition because it comes from a sense we are unaware of or have forgotten how to trust.

Intuition is how the body perceives and translates energy and information in ethereal form.

So What?

The external realm we know as reality is much more than what we perceive as a physical sensation. There is an entire field of energy moving, pulsing, and vibration in, around, through and between what we can perceive with our physical senses. There is much that exists in the intangible form of thought and energy.

It is essential to become conscious and aware of what we are perceiving. It is essential to start to observe the physical sensation, thought and emotion that is the internal interpretation of our external energetic realms.

It is also important to remember that none of your sensations is yours. Your physical pleasure or pain, thought, emotions or intuitions are not yours. You are not them. You are not these things, and they are not you.

Physical sensation, thought, emotion and intuition are just energy you are perceiving and experiencing.

What you do with these perceptions, the meaning you give, will impact your actions and behaviours. Whether you react automatically and without thinking, or respond with awareness and consideration will impact what you put into and create in the world.

You can either act and behave with the same energy of your perceptions, sensations, thoughts and emotions. Or, you can select something different, transmute the energy and make a change.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt