Introduction To Thought

All day every day we experience thought or thoughts through our minds, either consciously or unconsciously. We may be aware of some or all of the thoughts passing through the mind, or they may be operating on total autopilot.

Thoughts and the ability to think is one of the greatest tools of creation that the human species has been provided.

When used consciously and with awareness, wisdom and good intention, thought can create great things. When used unconsciously and without awareness or intelligence, thought can create the total opposite. It may be useful, if not essential to understand this powerful tool we all have access to.

What Is Thought?

In your external environment, everything is energy, vibrating at particular frequencies and creating the form of physical or material objects.

Your five physical senses allow you to perceive and sense physical objects and the external environment internally through the physical senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

In your internal environment, thought is also energy, vibrating at a particular frequency.

Thought allows you to perceive and sense the external environment internally through the mental sense of thought. Thought is like another sense.

The processer for all your senses is the human brain – a complex series of interconnected systems that transfer and transform energy from one form to another. Regardless of the sense, the brain is taking in information from the external environment as energy, running it through your brain and transforming the energy into a form of energy you can perceive and start to understand.

How Does Thought Sense?

Your internal experience of the external environment is through the internal senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, thought and emotion.

Everything is energy, and energy is how things change and move.

Energy has a vibration and a frequency. So everything has vibration and frequency. The slower and lower the vibration and frequency, the heavier, denser and more like matter and the physical something is. The faster and higher the vibration and frequency, the lighter, sparser and more like energy or light something is.

Everything in the external environment or conditions has a particular vibration and frequency. The external environment includes the tangible and physical energies such as people, places, situations and things, as well as the more intangible energies of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, stories and values.

Your brain will always sense the energy of your external environment and transform this into internal thoughts of the same energetic vibration and frequency of the external environment.

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Thoughts, Thought Forms and The Physical

Like energy attracts like energy. The vibration of an external environment or conditions creates a thought of a similar energy.

When you add focus to a thought, more energy of the same vibration is created. These newly created thoughts attract and create more thoughts of the same vibration. More and more thoughts of the same vibration become a “thought form.”

As a thought form grows, it starts to attract more and more like energies in the mental and the physical, until it is said to “manifest” or create in the physical. This is where a continuous circle starts to form.

External energies attract similar vibrational thoughts which we perceive in our minds, which attract more similar vibrational internal thoughts which form thought-forms, which continue to attract similar vibrational energies in both the internal and external environments.

The vibrational energies of your external environment will affect your internal thoughts and environment which will affect your external environment.

Your reality creates your thoughts which creates your reality. To change your external reality change your internal thoughts. To change your internal thoughts, change your external reality.

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Thoughts Are Not Yours

In creating personal reality, people do one of two things. They either hold onto thoughts as their own or are so disconnected they are completely unaware of the thoughts that are going through their minds. Either way, the thoughts that move through your mind are contributing to creating your reality and the life you currently have.

Thoughts are not yours. Thoughts are just energy that helps you perceive the external environment. When you pay attention to the thoughts that move through your mind, they will start to tell you about your external environment and how safe you are.

Like your five physical senses, when you see, hear, smell, taste or touch something bad, you physically respond to modify your physical body and ensure its safety. You pull away from a hot stove or clean up a pile of smelly garbage.

So too, your thoughts are cues telling you how to respond to your external environment. You just have to choose to pay attention.

Thoughts are not yours. No more than the smell of the garbage or heat of the hot stove is yours. Thoughts are just passing through your mind, to help you understand the world. You just have to choose what you want to do with them and how you want to respond.

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Collective Thought Forms

Collective thought, or collective mind, refers to a series of thoughts that a large group of people choose to hold onto and claim as their own. This could include a family, a religion, a country or a corporation.

Over time, these thoughts become ideas, beliefs, myths, customs, stories, rules or laws.

Just because a group of people choose to hold onto a thought does not make it “right” or even “wrong.” It just makes it a thought, or a series of thoughts, not the truth. It just makes it an internal reflection of the current collective external environment.

It is up to every person to take each thought, idea, belief, myth, custom, story, rule, or law for what it is. Each of these things is simply a way of perceiving the external world internally.

We must all take each thought and assess it for what it is and how it makes really, truly feel. If a thought feels good, great, then take it and use it for as long as it works. If a thought doesn’t feel that great, then let it go and let it pass, and change your external world until it does feel good.

We all can use our thoughts to create our reality. So what the heck are you thinking, and what are you creating? And how is it working out for you?

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt