What Is God?

If you’ve grown up in a household or culture with a religious God, you may have been given some very fixed ideas of what or who God is. But what if that’s not really what God is? Or, if you grew up without God, you might be starting to question the point of life, whether there is something more, and whether God is real and what it is.

Discovering what God is, is ultimately a personal journey. A spiritual discovery of God requires you to not blindly accept what other people tell you God is, but start to consider your observations and experiences in the world and tap into your observations, experience, critical thinking and instinct and intuition about what God is.

It is up to each individual to discover their interpretation or relationship with God, but let’s start by considering:

  • God in religion versus God in spirituality;
  • What God is not; and
  • The essence of what God is.

God In Religion – What God Is Not!

God is often spoken about in a religious sense, but God is not what most religions say it is.

In religion, God is often presented as a being perfect in power, wisdom and goodness and is creator and ruler of the universe. God is seen as an authoritarian being outside of yourself and external to you who watches over you to make sure you are good and may become angry and punish you for your sins. The form of God is often unclear. He is not a human who walks amongst us but may be presented with human attributes, qualities and characteristics and polarised views such as good and evil and saint or sinner. In religion, God should be worshipped, revered and often feared. God is outside of you, and you are subservient to God.

In some religions, there are multiple gods, sometimes in physical form, who are also deemed to be more superior powerful beings. The same theme exists in that humans must obey, fear, worship and even sacrifice to the gods.

This representation of God or gods as an external, judgemental and powerful being makes no sense. If God is the ultimate Creator and so perfect and good and mighty and powerful, then why did God create such terrible, sinful humans? Why would God create something so bad or inferior? And why would God create you to worship him/her if God was a being of love? And if God is not a being of love, then why are we choosing to worship him/ her/ it and hold God in such high esteem?

What God (Or Source) Is

Let’s consider the concept of God from a spiritual perspective.

In spiritual terms, God is not something to be feared, or worshipped. God is not above you or more powerful than you, or in control of you. God is not an ultimate superior being external to you. God is everywhere and everything. God is in everything. God is in you. God is you.

In spiritual terms, God is an inexplicable, infinite life force that runs through everything. It can be known as God, the mind of God, Source, Consciousness, Spirit, prana, chi, energy. So let’s call it that. Let’s call is Source or Source Consciousness.

Because Source is not a vengeful, authoritarian God who has power over you and thinks you are bad, sinful and wrong. God is Source Consciousness and Source Consciousness is you.

Source Consciousness

Source Consciousness is the beginning of everything. It existed before light and life and thought and form. How it came to be no human will know for sure, because we were not there to experience it.

Source Consciousness is an intangible, infinite intelligence and life force that exists in everything.

Source Consciousness or the originator of everything. It is what created the planet Earth, the seas, the sky, the mountains, deserts, field, plant and animals. It is what gives you life and makes your heart pump, your lungs breathe and your muscles move. You cannot explain the intelligence, but Source exists in and around and through everything. You cannot deny its existence as you cannot explain what creates life. You cannot catch it, see it, or hold it, but it is there, giving life to its creations. It is nothing but it includes everything.

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Source As Energy

Source is made of energy, and Source is everything, so everything that came forth and continues to evolve from Source is also energy.

Energy is a non-physical force or essence that is everything and everywhere. Energy consists of different vibrations, frequencies, speeds and densities that, in our universe, come together into physical or other forms. This allows everything to exist including the planet, people, plants and you.

Energy is everything and it is nothing. Energy is made of atoms or particles which supposedly contain protons, electrons and a nucleus. However, within the smallest particle that exists as an atom is nothing. The atom has no physical structure and is made of invisible energy, not tangible matter. Energy and matter are so fundamentally related that they can be considered the same. Nothing is physical or solid, and everything is energy.

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Vibration And Frequency

Source is like an infinite ocean of energy particles spreading endlessly. Some parts of the ocean are calm and slow and relaxed while others are fierce and raging and fast. What gives everything its unique qualities and characteristics are the frequencies and vibrations of different aspects of energy or Consciousness. Everything moves and vibrates at a different rate including the physical, mental, emotions and spiritual realms. Everything has a unique vibrational or energetic frequency including tangible objects, things and beings, colours and sounds as well as more intangible thoughts, ideas, beliefs and emotions.

Vibration refers to the process of how fast or slow energy expands and contracts around an equilibrium or centre point. It is a periodic motion of particles or energy alternatively in opposite directions – like a pulse or a wave. Everything vibrates in energetic waves that move in and out and intercept one another.

Frequency is measured in hertz (Hz) and refer to the number of vibrations that occur in a unit of time. Frequencies are used to determine vibrational patterns.

Low vibration has a low frequency while high vibration has a high frequency. The frequency we hold in our bodies and carry around with us will determine the frequency of the events, conditions, environments and situations we attract into our life.

Energy As Creation

The law of conservation of energy tells us that energy can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed.

God as a Consciousness or energy is the ultimate creator. As everything is energy, energy is the medium and language of creation by taking energy as one form and transmuting or transforming it into another form.

God the Creator uses thought to convert energy from an intangible idea into a seemingly solid form of Earth, plants, animals and humans.

The sun transforms the energy of plants into food, which humans consume and transform into movement and action of our bodies, which transforms external resources into new forms and creations. Source creates through thought. Humans create through thought transformed with movement, action and behaviour.

So What?

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~~ Nikola Tesla.

The significance of this is waking up to the reality that we are all the same. We are not separate. We are not good and bad. God does not exist outside of us. God is not judging or punishing you for who you are.

God, or Source, or Consciousness is the almighty Creator and the energy of everything. Everything that ever is and was and will be, not only was created by God but IS God, including you, and everything you create.

When you start to view the world, your life and experience in terms of energy, everything changes. When you start to realise the energetic frequencies and vibrations you hold and carry and project into the world, and you get to choose what you create and experience, the world becomes a different place.

There is no God. There is only an inexplicable, infinite life force that runs through everything. It can be known as God, the mind of God, Source, Consciousness, Spirit, prana, chi, energy. Source Consciousness. But ultimately it is you, and you have the ultimate power of the Creator, who gets to create whatever you choose.

So what’s it going to be?

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt