Why Do We Fear?

In the spiritual world, fear is often considered negative or bad. We are taught to be ashamed of fear and suppress, repress, deny, disown, and hide it. But fear is merely an internal emotion and a tool to help us navigate the world. It helps us perceive, experience and understand our external world, internally. Fear is a good thing and not to be feared.

Planet Earth is a reality based on polarity or duality where everything exists on a spectrum between two opposites. This reality exists because Source Consciousness wanted to know itself in every possible way. Source created the third and fourth-dimensional realms of planet Earth to perceive, experience and understand the different, contrasting aspects of itself in the physical.

Because Source is everything, it is both light and dark, good and bad, and love and fear. Without the spectrums of light and dark, good and bad, and love and fear, Source can never really truly know the full extent of what it is. To know something, you must know its opposite. You cannot know light without dark, good without bad, or love without fear.

We are each an aspect of Source Consciousness sent to planet Earth to experience ourselves as an aspect of Source. We are constantly perceiving and experiencing our reality through thoughts and emotions.

From a spiritual, ethereal perspective, we experience fear as a way for Source to know one aspect of itself and expand Consciousness.

From a physical, temporal perspective, we experience the emotion of fear as a way to know if our physical body is safe in the external environment and if it meets our needs. In our physical human form, our most fundamental need is for our physical body to stay alive. Fear tells us when this is at risk.

What Is Fear?

Fear is an emotion. Emotions are an internal set of sensations in response to an external condition. The internal emotion we experience is of the same energetic frequency and vibration as the external environment we perceive. Good and safe external conditions feel good inside. Bad and unsafe external conditions feel not so good inside. Emotions are a way to energetically experience and understand our outer realm internally.

Fear exists at the opposite end of the spectrum to love. Fear is the absence of love, and love is the absence of fear.

To understand fear, we must also understand love.

Love is acting in the best interests of something or someone and making sure their real needs are known, understood, validated and met, and they feel safe. Love is high vibration.

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Fear is a low vibration emotion of dread and apprehension that alerts us to a potential threat and the possibility that something bad might happen.

Meeting Needs

Safe is free and protected from the threat of risk, harm, damage or danger and is high vibration.

Unsafe is not protected from the threat of risk, harm, damage or danger and is a low vibration.

We experience fear when we encounter some external condition, situation, event or environment that is physically, mentally or emotionally unsafe. It presents a potential risk, harm or damage. Fear exists when our best interests or needs are not being considered or met. Fear tells you that something threatens your wellbeing, so you can respond and act differently and make yourself and your environment safe.

In the physical, temporal realm, fear exists to help keep us safe. Fear is, therefore, a good thing.

Fear is an opportunity to consider the current situation or conditions we find ourselves in and why they make us feel unsafe. Fear is intended to be a short-lived experience so we can respond appropriately and return our bodies to a state of balance and safety.

There could be a legitimate physical threat that is not acting in our best interests and not meeting our needs for physical safety. It is good to feel fear when a lion is running toward us, or we are about to dive into a shark-infested tank. It prompts an automated reaction to run and move or stop, step back and hide.

In some cases, there could be some other condition creating stress and fear that is prolonged or not so legitimately harmful. Either way, they are trying to tell us something.

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The Danger Of Ignoring Fear

We live in a human-made world that is mainly unnatural, artificial and misaligned with the natural world and natural law. We constantly experience multiple stressors such as work, unread emails, study, exams, deadlines, mortgages, unpaid bills, sitting in traffic jams, relationships, social expectations and demands, government laws and regulations and the general nature of our busy lives in the Western world.

Constant external stress results in internal emotional and mental stress that makes us feel uncertain or unsafe and creates a sense of fear. We are designed to experience short bursts of stress and fear to respond accordingly. When we live in a continuous and unconscious state of fear, actions and behaviours become those of automatic self-preservation to ensure we stay alive. We live in a state of survival rather than thriving, and our fear perpetuates until we choose to look at it. The problem with this kind of fear is that our emotions tell us that something is wrong, but we cannot or do not do anything to change it because this is the way the world supposedly is. Living in constant stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and fear tell you something is wrong.

Fear always exists to tell us there is something to be looked at, something to be learned, and something to help us expand.

When we fear our fear, we may try to suppress, repress, deny, disown or hide it.

From a physical, temporal perspective, we may pretend it is not there or ignore the thing that feels unsafe because we do not want to face it or deal with it. However, ignoring an attacking lion or a tank of sharks will not make them go away. Ignoring the fear and running toward the lion or jumping into the tank may likely result in death. While death is not always the outcome, it is necessary to pay attention and understand what it is trying to tell you.

From a spiritual, ethereal perspective, we may say that fear is an illusion to focus on the positive and act from unconditional love. This, too, is a form of escapism, denial and disowning of fear. Because while we are ethereal beings, we also exist in the physical. To focus positively would suggest a spiritually evolved person would continue to run towards the lion or jump into the tank. They would transcend fear and change reality to make the lion and sharks move in the opposite direction. To run away from the lion or not jump into the tank would supposedly be to let fear win. In reality, the chances are that continuing towards a lion or a tank of sharks will result in death.

What Fear Is Trying To Say

Fear tells you there is something to be aware of and look at, not to ignore and overcome. The response is to consider what is in your best interests and meets your actual needs. This may go either way and may depend on the situation. For example, a dysfunctional relationship that makes you feel unsafe is not necessarily something to overcome, even if being alone makes you feel unsafe. The most loving action for both parties may be to end the relationship, keep you safe, and allow the other person to see their role in the breakup.

To love someone or something unconditionally, let them treat you poorly and ignore the signs that something is not right is not evolved or acting in anyone’s best interests. To continue in a dysfunctional job, relationship, friendship or lifestyle because you fear the alternative is not evolved. To ignore fear is not automatically transcending fear and acting from love. It is not meeting your needs, acting in your own best interests or acting from self-love.

To ignore fear is not defying or transcending fear.

Your fear exists as a natural and essential part of your human navigation system to tell you there is something to pay attention to here. To truly love yourself is to meet your actual needs, act in your best interests, acknowledge and embrace your fear.

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What Next? Embracing Fear

Fear serves many purposes at different levels. From a spiritual, ethereal perspective, fear is an illusion and exists to help us expand. From a physical, temporal perspective, fear exists as a tool to keep the physical body safe. Fear exists to tell you there is something to pay attention to and a self-loving decision to be made.

When you are conscious of your fear, you can make more considered and self-loving choices to act in your best interests. You can make yourself safe without escalating fear in yourself or others. Rather than further away, you can move towards safety, ease, and alignment with natural law. You can change your external physical conditions to change your internal perception and experience.

Fear is not something to be ashamed of, condemned or ignored. Fear is there to help. So take the opportunity to see it, feel it, question it and understand it to respond in the best way possible.

The choice is yours…

…Liz Watt