The Reality Or Illusion Of Life On Earth

Human beings share the reality that we all reside together on planet Earth.

Our planet has a natural world of rivers, oceans, forests, mountains and valleys. It also has a human-made reality of amazing cities and structures, technology, books, literature, dance and art. Within this human-made world also exists war, terrorism, rape, genocide and war. We must adhere to society and systems of politics, government, economics, education, health, work and taxes.

We are either born into a developed nation where we work to earn money to pay the bills. Or we are born into an undeveloped nation where we starve for lack of basic survival resources of food, fresh air, clean water, shelter or clothing. Less than one per cent of the population is born into an extreme privilege that gives them authority and power over others and the ability to grow their wealth exponentially.

The world is the way the world is. It is imbalanced, unequal, and you have to work hard to survive or succeed. That is reality.

Or is it?

What if the world and everything you believe to be true is nothing but an illusion or a lie?

What Are Reality And Illusion?

Reality is all that exists as objective fact within a system whether it is known or unknown, as opposed to that which is imaginary, non-existent or an illusion.

An objective fact exists whether humans exist or not and is independent of human beliefs or perspectives. The objective is unbiased and sticks to the facts of what is.

Subjective perspective is based on feelings or emotions and is open to a personal interpretation, individual perspective or point of view seen through filters. It depends on the level of awareness, beliefs and experiences of a single individual.

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An illusion is a false idea or belief or wrong or subjective, misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience. Illusion can be something that is presented to you externally as false information that you believe or something presented accurately but you internally interpret incorrectly.

The reality we are presented with on planet Earth is that of a natural world of mystical phenomenon and life, and a human-made world of authority, hierarchy and control. The illusion is that this reality is what the world is. However, it is one subjective perspective of how the world could be.

The very fact that the human-made world could be many other possible realities other than what it is, is the biggest illusion of all.

01 | Everything Is Energy And Nothing Is Physical

Energy is a non-physical force or essence that is everything and everywhere. Everything is made of waves of energy moving and pulsing in different vibrations, frequencies, speeds and densities. Similar frequencies and vibrations in our universe are attracted to one another and come together to appear as physical or other forms.

Energy and matter are virtually the same in that the structure of matter is made of molecules and atoms that are made of vortexes of energy. There are no physical particles but instead different vibrations or frequencies of energy. Everything we regard as solid or real is made of energy that appears solid, physical or real but is not, because it is energy.

The observer creates their internal interpretation of reality based only on the extent of the energy they can perceive.

What we perceive as matter or a physical object is a subjective illusion unique to human perception, not an objective reality.

02 | Humans Only Perceive A Small Percentage Of Reality

Human beings perceive our external world through the five physical senses of sight, sound, taste, hearing and touch. Our internal interpretation of external energy through our sensory perceptions is what we deem to be an external physical reality.

We have other senses of thought, emotion and intuition which perceive and interpret external energies through the emotional, mental and spiritual realms. Many other energetic phenomenon and conditions are occurring in and around our physical bodies and external environment that humans have no awareness of.

However, most people are disconnected from these aspects of self and are unaware of these as perceptions of energy, as opposed to objective truth. This immediately prohibits our ability to perceive, interpret and understand the external world and reality from an objective perspective.

What we perceive in the external world is a limited subjective illusion of the extent of energetic existence, not an objective perspective of the entire reality that exists.

03 | Critical Information Has Been Withheld From Humanity

Planet Earth was not created by humans. It was created by Source Consciousness. It existed long before humans came about and exist without us. Source Consciousness is a much greater force than human beings that has created and maintains life on Earth, including plants, other species and humanity.

The way the natural world and the species within it operate is an integrated eco-system of laws and processes creates by Source that exists without humanity. Until recent decades, much of this information and objective truths have largely been withheld from humanity.

Some of the key objective truths about our reality that have been withheld from humanity include:

  • Universal law is the non-man-made and immutable conditions that determine how reality and consequence operate within the universal realm humans exist in. Universal law is a body of spiritual laws which act as the governing dynamics of consciousness in this third-dimensional reality of planet Earth. Humanity did not create it but we are at the mercy of its consequences.
  • Natural Law is part of the universal laws of nature as determined by Source Consciousness. It determines that all beings created by Source have natural drives, needs and instincts which inform their natural behaviour, including humans. We cannot escape these natural needs and instincts.
  • Sovereignty is a concept within universal and natural law that an individual, state or governing body has the right to govern itself without external interference. A sovereign being or sovereign individual is the concept that there is a moral or natural right of every human being to have exclusive control of their own body and life without external interference with or from government or other individuals or organisations. The concept of sovereignty has been largely withheld from human beings.

Without being exposed to a full range of information, we are unable to perceive the widest range of information to interpret a more objective reality.

What we have been led to believe about the way the universe and the world functions, our human nature, rights and needs is largely incomplete, incorrect and illusionary.

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04 | The Human-Made World Is Inverted

A need is something necessary for survival you cannot live without and is required to maintain life and an internal state of wellbeing. Humans have fundamental needs that include physical, emotional, mental, relational, soul, higher self and spiritual as aspects within.

The eco-systems of nature operate in a way that allows each species or aspect of life to exist within a whole and meet its needs.

Human-made systems operate in complete opposition to the intentions and integrated eco-systems of nature, universal law, natural law, sovereignty and the necessity to meet human needs. The human-made systems that respond to human needs have been inverted by low-frequency energy. Instead of meeting our needs, they make them even greater and increase suffering and pain.

Nature designed the world as an opportunity to express our true self, meet our needs, follow our desires, and experience the world through growth, expansion and the ability to thrive. Human-made systems fill our bodies with toxic food and drugs, keep us feeling unsafe in emotions of fear, restrict and control the information we receive about the universe and our true nature, control our social interactions and relationships with government and politics, and restrict our connection to our soul, higher self and Source Consciousness through organised religion and judgemental, retaliatory gods.

Human-made systems do everything except meet our real, intrinsic needs.  They are a restricted and inverted illusion of what life and the world is.

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Finding Realty

Reality is an objective truth that exists beyond what human beings think, say, dictate or decide is true.

The collective illusory reality humanity currently shares is maintained only through our collective belief this is the way things are, and our compliance and conformity to this through action and behaviour.

The illusion is the current collective human perception of our external realm is reality and all that is.

The reality is what we perceive as human beings is always an illusion because it is only one subjective perspective of what is.

The move further towards objective truth, we must all stop accepting and complying with what we are told, and start to question, search and get curious. We must use external information, AND our observation and experience, and turn inside to discover the truth of who and what we are, what we need, and what we are here to experience.

The reality is that reality can be whatever you choose.

So what is that going to be?

…Liz Watt