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My best articles, blogs and videos on life, work and spirituality…

Most of my writings and research is based around discovering and understanding what is really going on and how things really work at three different levels:

  • Spirtuality | The undisputable, irrefutable, immutable laws that govern every thing, regardless of what you believe.
  • Reality | Why the world is the way it is and why it does not have to be this way.
  • Humanity | The human condition and why we do what we do.
  • Individuality | How you operate and have total control over every thing in your life, if you choose to.

These articles here include some of the best content on each of these topics and are a great place to start.

Enjoy, and as always, question every thing, do your own research and take what works and makes sense for you.

Covid 19 Scamdemic Take Two? | A Wake Up Message

Covid 19 Scamdemic Take Two? | A Wake Up Message

As Victoria, Australia yet again goes into panic mode over one case of covid-19 I am compelled to comment with a controversial, politically incorrect, and contradictory perspective. So be it. It’s way past time.Humanity is coming up to one year of this “supposed pandemic” and yet neither governments nor the people seem to have learned anything. As Australia heads into Winter, we have the potential to just repeat the events of 2020 on auto-pilot. Will we?

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Social Constructionism Is Why Everything You’ve Been Told Is A Lie

Social Constructionism Is Why Everything You’ve Been Told Is A Lie

We’ve all grown up in a world that tells you who you are supposed to be, how the world is, and what your life “should” be. Study hard at school and university, get a good job, a mortgage, and then retire. If this way of life has never felt completely right to you, it’s because we’re living in a reality of Social Constructionism. Find out what this means…

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