Were you always one of those kids who did what they were told? Studied hard, got the grades, regurgitated the content, even if it made no sense?

Did you grow up to become a good, law-abiding citizen? Pay your taxes, pay your fines – even though you don’t agree you should, or don’t see the value in return?

Are you a good “team-player?” Follow your client’s desires, your bosses direction, do your job, because they pay you and it’s your job – even if it’s ethically or morally just wrong?

Do you do what any kind of authority tells you? Because that’s what you are supposed to do, regardless of whether it feels “right” or not?

In other words…

Do You Live In Blind Faith?

[ctt template=”1″ link=”6M15e” via=”yes” ]Since a very early age, you’ve been “trained” by various parts of society to follow the rules. @LizWatt26[/ctt]


You rarely get a say in them. The rules, that is.

The opportunity to question or negotiate those rules is virtually non-existent.

As a member of whatever group you’re in – society, school, the work place – the expectation is that you will follow the rules. You’ll fit in. Do as you’re told.

Any kind of independent thinking, questioning or challenging, is met with punishment and ridicule.

Sent to the Principal’s office for insolence, made to pick up rubbish at lunch.

Given a written warning for questioning your bosses motives.

Sent a fine for not doing something you didn’t know you weren’t supposed to do in the first place…where was the negotiation and the contractual agreement that you’d behave a certain way?

We all comply. We just cop it sweet, and keep going, withdrawing, in an attempt to perhaps fly under the radar. Keep the peace.

Never Question Any Thing You Don’t Understand

You’re taught never to question any thing you don’t understand.

As a kid, I always asked “why?”

I always wanted to know more.

When I came out of biology class where we’d learned about our evolution from the apes, and walked into my religious education class where we learned that God created us in 7 days…I wanted to know “why?”

I wanted to know why two of my teachers were telling me different things.

I wanted to know who I should believe, and why.

I was punished…for insolence. And sent to the Principals office.

I wasn’t being difficult. I just wanted to know “why.”

All you had to do was explain and I’d be satisfied.

“Good Girls” Should Be Seen And Not Heard

This continued well into my working life.

On more than one occasion in the work place I was asked/ told/ directed to do things that morally felt wrong to me.

I’d ask the questions…”But what about…this?  Or this?  Or this?”

Only to be met with feedback like “Don’t rock the boat. Don’t cause trouble. Just do what you’re paid to do.” Or, “Why do you care? It’s just a job.” Or, my favourite, “Someone has to do it. It may as well be you.”

And so, for many years, I did. I spoke up less and less.

But what about…the environment…the community…the unnecessary expense of taxpayers money…the stupidity?

I let it continue, because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

What’s Going On Here?

What happened here, was that I stopped listening to my self.

I stopped listening to my personal, inner voice, my moral compass.

I started listening to bosses, governments, teachers – authority. Authority that was somehow convinced that they knew better/ more than my own inner compass. Who somehow convinced me that they knew better.

And it felt so wrong. For so long.

That’s what we’re taught to do – from kindergarten through to school, university, the workplace, society.

Follow the rules. Do the “right” thing, as defined by the people who want you to do it.

We learn through hearing information.

We remember by hearing that information repeated over and over again. Like the times tables.

Sometimes that information is good, and it serves us.

Sometimes it’s not, and it goes against the very essence of who you are.

Either way, it’s going in, and it’s shaping the very person that you are – your behaviours, your actions, your impact on the world.

That’s What Blind Faith Is

[ctt template=”1″ link=”xBV0S” via=”yes” ]Blind Faith is exactly that. It’s faith that’s blind. @LizWatt26[/ctt]

It’s having faith and trust in some kind of “authority” that they will do right by you.

That they know what is best for you, and the society in general. That every thing they are teaching you is “good” because they will “look after you.”

But who are these people?

  • Teachers – People who’ve learned how to impart information that is given to them by some educational authority.
  • Government – Who are just a bunch of individuals blindly following their own party politics.
  • Bosses – Someone who’s worked a longer than you – who does things the way they were taught and teaches you the same.
  • General authority – Someone who has been trained to follow the rules of whatever institution they are a part of.
  • Parents – Who only learned from watching their parents, who had never done it before either.

The point being, have any of these people verified any of this information they’re imparting? Have any of them questioned the set of rules or even the “game” they are playing?

Or are they just following blindly, teaching every one in their path to believe what they them selves were taught to believe – with no real independent thought? No question of why we’re doing this, or whether it’s good or bad, right or wrong.

Believing that this is the way the world is, and this is how the game is played.

The blind faith exists at two levels…the faith of the teacher, and the faith of the taught.

Each a product of the system that is teaching them not to think.

Question No Thing, Follow The Leader

It’s easy to go with the flow, to lie low, to fly under the radar.

It’s easy to get up every day and go to a job and just do what you are supposed to do, collect your pay check and question nothing.

It’s easy to follow the rules, do what you are told, and question nothing or no-one.

It’s really freaking hard to stop and really look around you – to question what you’re seeing, hearing, experiencing – and speak up about it.

It’s really freaking hard to stand up to a boss or a client or a government, who are asking you to participate in things that quite frankly, just aren’t “right.”

It’s really freaking hard to wake up and have faith that the only person who really knows what is best for you is you.

Because society really doesn’t want to hear it – it’s easier just to “shhhh” and play the game. It’s easy to just jeep going, following the leader, asking no questions, collecting the pay check.

Is that what you want your life to be?

Are you going to fly blind, or wake up to what’s really going on?

Let me know in the comments below.


Liz Watt


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