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When Work Doesn’t Work Any More

 Author: Elizabeth Perle McKenna  Category: Career + Abundance  Publisher: Delta  Publish: 10/08/1998  ISBN: 9780385317986  Pages: 304  Language: English  Dimension: 156 x 202 x 19mm

For every worn out, emotionally depleted female professional who has ever sighed, “there has got to be a better way!,” here is a groundbreaking audiobook by Elizabeth Perle McKenna–a former publishing executive–that explores women’s relationship with work.

For decades, women have succeeded at traditional male jobs, but now, deep in the second stage of the feminist movement, they want lives that are integrated and whole. Based on original research and containing hundreds of interviews with prominent working women, this audiobook exposes the inherent conflict between the way work is traditionally structured and rewarded, and what women desire and value in their lives. More important, it suggests new ways for women to identify their values, reclaim their identities, and define success on their own terms. Any woman who has been working for more than a few years will identify strongly with the issues raised here, and will be rewarded by the insights she will glean from this insightful work.

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