Overcome Being Offended [And Offensive]

Can you choose to be offended or not? What happens if someone is offended by you? Are you offensive because someone is offended? Explore how different aspects of us can respond to offence and the opportunities and lessons it provides…

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7 Essential Human Needs That Must Be Met To Thrive

We have seven essential human needs that need to be met for us to thrive and create the life we desire. But do you even know what they are? And are you making sure you meet them, continuously? Because if you don’t, you’re going to find you constantly feel like you’re living in survival mode. Let’s find out what they are and how to thrive.

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Article Image - Why Fear Is A Good Thing

What Is Fear, Why Do You Fear And Why It Is A Good Thing

In the spiritual world, fear is often considered a negative or bad thing. We are taught to be ashamed of fear and to suppress, repress, deny, disown and hide it away. But fear is merely an internal emotion and a tool to help us navigate the world. It helps us perceive, experience and understand our external world, internally. Fear is a good thing, and not to be feared.

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