The Triune Brain: Why We Think, Feel And Do The Way We Do

When the soul enters the body it gives life to the human form and creates a conduit for energy to funnel through as an essential life force. This inexplicable energy brings life to the human form through the operation of the brain. The brain is the core of the human body and sustains life. For the human body to stay alive, the brain must stay alive. For the brain to stay alive, the soul must remain inhabiting the body as the energetic conduit. How exactly this works is largely unknown. But the triune brain is one of the most powerful tools of creation that human beings have…

Why Fear Is A Good Thing

In the spiritual world, fear is often considered a negative or bad thing. We are taught to be ashamed of fear and to suppress, repress, deny, disown and hide it away. But fear is merely an internal emotion and a tool to help us navigate the world. It helps us perceive, experience and understand our external world, internally. Fear is a good thing, and not to be feared.

What Is The Definition Of Love?

Love is one of the most enduring topics in human history, featuring in music, art, poems and novels. Love is something humans seek, yearn for and long to experience. But how often do we ever stop to consider what is love, and when we truly give or receive love.

What Are Emotions And Where Do They Come From?

Human beings experience emotion as a response to external events, conditions, environments and situations we encounter. Emotions help create a personal internal world unique to each individual that nobody else can ever really experience or understand. But what if emotions are not yours, they are not you, you don’t have to keep them, and they only exist to send you a message.

The Ways We Perceive Reality Through 8 Senses (Not 5!!)

The physical, three-dimensional world is full of wondrous things. The ways we perceive through our physical body includes sensations of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Our nervous systems perceive this information, and our brain interprets it within our body as sensations. We experience, interpret and give meaning to this information to help us understand and navigate the external world.
But what if I told you the ways we perceive the world and reality go far beyond the five physical senses and you don’t even know it!

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