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You And Me

You won’t get promises of wealth, abundance and success from me. I cannot give that to you or do it for you. And you're likely not even sure if that’s what your soul desires.

You will get a promise that I will give you everything I know to help uncover who you really are, why you are here, and design and create a life that aligns with your soul.

I will support you in understanding yourself and the world, and finding purpose and meaning...if that's what you want.

I cannot do this for you. Only you can do the work and find the courage to step into the unknown. Only you can learn to find faith in a more significant reason for everything and trust yourself to know what is best. Only you can choose to find meaning and purpose and follow  the life you were born to live.

But I can help you.

My gift is to make complex subjects simple, help you see what is missing and identify what needs to come next.

My intention is to help steer you in the right direction for you to figure out YOUR next steps.

My intention is to empower you with the right resources, frameworks and strategies FOR YOU, to help you find your purpose and meaning in your work and life.

My intention is to provide you with information to help you find objective truth.

So that you can live your purpose and make a better world.

Working With Me

When you work with me, you will have access to tools, information and resources to help you understand and answer some of the big questions.

My work is designed to support you through a natural process of self-discovery, expansion, awakening and ascension. My work is designed to help you integrate work, life and spirituality.

I believe you can only genuinely discover truth and purpose by going inside. External voices and advice are relevant but can often be a distraction or cause confusion.

When you choose to look inside yourself, you will find all the answers. I am here to provide the prompts.

A process of self-discovery is an internal, private and powerful experience. You don’t want me looking over your shoulder. But I can be here when you falter or wish to celebrate and share.

I can be here when you have questions and want to know more.

I can be here as you become the person you always knew you could be and create the life you were born for.

Work And Life Philosophies

My explorations and philosophies around work and life stem from exploring some of the big questions…

01 |

Who (or what) are you?

You are a spiritual being have a physical, human experience through the eyes and perception of your body.

There are multiple layers of exploration to understand who you are.

There’s the physical, external person, persona or personality that shows up and presents itself to the world. The person that answers to your name.

There’s your identity - who you think you are in relation to the world. Your job, your status, roles and how you do or don’t define yourself by them.

There’s the spiritual, ethereal aspect of your soul. The essence of you that knows it exists as an expression of Source and something greater. The observer. The aspect of you that is having this physical experience through the eyes of you.

Creating a life you love, first requires you to understand who you are. At all layers…

02 |

Why are you here?

I believe you are here on Earth at this time for a reason. I believe we are all here for a purpose. And your life has meaning.

As an individual, as a collective member of humanity, and as an aspect of Source.

There are layers to purpose, and it changes over time and through perspective.

There is your purpose, the purpose to life and the meaning in all of it.

At times your purpose is calm and clear. At other times it is fuzzy and lost. At times the meaning to reality, the world and all of this makes sense. At other times you question, what is the point of it all.

All of this has purpose and meaning. It just depends on the perspective you give to it.

You can find purpose and meaning and reasons to go on and give life everything you have.

Purpose and meaning always exists, you might just have to shift the way you look at it for it to make sense, today.

03 |

What do you want? And how will you get it?

While your essence may be a spiritual soul, you are still, currently a living, breathing human being having this experience called life.

The key is to balance the ethereal aspect of yourself with the physical human form, your identity, your personality. You.

The challenge is the pendulum swing from one to another. From denial of the physical and embracing the energetic and the soul. To denial of your essence and who you are in favour of form, the things, the status and the stuff. So often it is an extreme of one or the other, versus finding a balanced mix of both.

There are things you want, desire. And there are things you need, whether you know them or not.

There is nothing wrong with wanting and desiring, and having. It is part of the experience of life you came here to have. Money, shelter, clothing and food are essential resources for surviving, let alone thriving.

If you want to make a difference in the world, you need resources to take you beyond the day to day of personal survival.

04 |

What the heck is going on in the world?

The external world can be crazy, turbulent, contradictory, unstable, even insane.

Things have changed, and are continuing to change more rapidly.

The nature of reality, life and what the heck we are living in play on your mind.

They open a barrage of questions and curiosities.

Good. Keep asking. Keep questioning. Because while you, your purpose, your life, why you are here and what you want are all important areas of exploration…. So too is the external realm and your place in it.

Because everything is connected. Everything. It’s part of your purpose to know more.

Your happiness and success start from the inside out

Most of what we have been taught about life and success is there is one, path, one way, one set of strategies and tactics that work for someone else. Because if a strategy or system works for them, it should work for you too.

This is a myth. Look around and see how many truly, happy, successful and thriving people there are – all doing the same things and living the same version of life.


There is no one magic formula. There is no quick-fix or one-size-fits-all answer. There is only what is going to work for YOU.

My intention is to consolidate some of the things I’ve figured out through frameworks that provide questions, prompts, tools and activities to help facilitate a process of curiosity, reflection and self-discovery.

They are not the answer. They are a way to help you find the answer. Objective truths. Your direction. Real meaning.

What works for me may or may not work for you.

Take what resonates, use it, test it, change it, keep it or let it go. But keep asking questions and moving forward to create your unique life and experience. And don’t be afraid of doing it differently.

You are in the right place....

My approach does not work for everyone. I am not for you if:

You are looking for a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to creating an aligned life.
You are waiting for someone else to provide the answers.
You are not willing to look at yourself and take responsibility for your self and life.

I work with people who don’t fit into the norm - who want freedom and control over their work and life and want to do it in a way that works for them.

You are in the right place if you are…

Aware - The way the world currently operates is not working, things have to change, and you have some desire to somehow be a part of that.
Conscious - Open to new ideas and seek objective truth about yourself and reality.
Committed - To the lifelong process of uncovering yourself, purpose and meaning, and creating a life and experience that is truly aligned with you.
Focussed - On becoming the truest, most aligned version of yourself.
Responsible - You know that you create your results and are willing to do the internal work it will take.

Do my philosophies and way I work resonate with you? If yes, then let's discover more...

The whole point of this game of life is to remember who you are and why you are here - as a spiritual being having an experience in human form. Then master yourself. That's it! Let's figure this out together...

join me!!

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