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To get started, scroll down to the steps 00 to 06 below. You can come back and work through the links directly below as you need. If you cannot find an answer to your question, contact Liz!


Hyperverse Resources

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Sign Up To OKeX Exchange

Sign up to the OKX Exchange (step 1.2 below)

(NOTE – You may use another exchange.)

Sign Up To Hyperverse

Sign up to Hyperverse (step 1.3 below)

Use the referral username WattsPossible.



Note you need to keep your password details safe. You are the bank and the bank so need to maintain your security!!

  • Bank – Username, password
  • OKX (or other exchange/ wallet) – Username, password, transaction/ funds password
  • Hyperverse – Username, password, transaction/ funds password

0.1 – Set Up Bank Account/ Pay ID

  • You will need a bank account that allows PayID. (ING Bank, Australia definitely has PayID)
  • Set up and verify PayID
  • Take note of the daily maximums for your bank.

0.2 – Set Up OKX

0.3 – Set Up Hyperverse


NOTE – This process takes you through the process of purchasing crypto on the OKeX Exchange. If you choose another exchange you will need to determine the process of purchase separately.

  • Open OKX and login
  • Click on “Buy Crypto” (top left)
  • Make sure “BUY” tab is clicked (right)
  • Enter AUD amount you want to deposit
  • (NOTE – The USDT amount will show you how many USDT you will receive fro your AUD. This is based on the current exchange rate
  • Change “pay with” to PayID
  • Click “Buy USDT”
  • NOTE – The first time you use OKEx you will have to verify your details. Follow the prompts.

A new window (OKX) opens

  • Check “Buy/ Amount/ Pay with” at the top
  • Select a best offer – Click “Buy” (this will usually be Banxa)

A new window (Banxa) opens with instructions on amount and reference to pay

  • NOTE – The first time you use Banxa you will have to verify your details. This will involve uploading a photograph of both sides of your ID and a selfie holding your ID. Follow the prompts.
  • Click the buttons to copy the email and reference numbers when you are in your ING account (step 01b)
  • *** Triple check these details in step 01B

NOTE – Your bank may have a daily limit on PayID (eg. ING in Australia is $1000). If this is the case you may need to make multiple transactions over a number of days to reach your full amount.


NOTE – To find Pending Orders (after step 01b-Bank Transfer to OKEx)

  • Click “Buy Crypto”
  • Click “orders” (Top right)
  • Click “third party”
  • All orders will show. They will either appear as failed or pending.

1B.1 – Go To Your Bank

  • Input the amount, email/ PayID and reference (you may need to enter Banxa as a “pay anyone” for future payments)
  • ** Double check ALL the details – not if you send incorrect details the money may not be recoverable.
  • Send transaction

1B.2 – Go Back To OKX

  • Check that transaction appears in your “Funding account”
  • It can take 5-10 minutes but you should receive a confirmation email from bank, OKEx and third party exchange (eg. Banxa)

2.1 – Withdraw transaction in OKX

  • In OKX, go to “Assets” (top right) and “Withdraw” (dropdown)

2.2 – Select Crypto To Withdraw

  • Select Crypto – USDT
  • Select withdrawal method – On-chain
  • Select USDT withdrawal network – USDT-TRC20
  • Select “Continue”

2.3 – Complete Withdrawal

  • Insert USDT address
    • Go to Hyperverse Account
    • Click “Deposit”
    • Click Chain name – TRC20
    • Copy deposit address – Take note of at least the first and last 4 letters/ numbers (Do not do it manually as there is a risk of error. I double-check them all)
    • Go back to OKX – Click address book and paste the address (this will remember it for next time)
    • *** Make sure you double-check the first and last 4 digits of the Hyperverse address EVERY TRANSACTION. If an incorrect address is entered, you will not be able to retrieve the money
  • Insert amount – only what you are going to use in Hyperverse
  • Select the funding account with a tick
  • Note the network fee – this will be on top of your withdrawal (make sure you have enough $$)
  • Select “Continue”

2.4 – Confirm The Withdrawal

A new window will pop up. (This is for security as this is a decentralised system and you are the banker)

  • Check the address is the Hyperverse address (TRC-20)
  • Email code – Click “get code” and then insert the code that is sent to your email
  • SMS code – Click “Get code” and then insert the code that is sent to your phone.
  • *** Recommended – Do not save as trusted as this weakens your security
  • Select “Continue”
  • Select “OK”

3.1 – Check Funds Have Arrived From OKX In Hyperverse

  • Go to Hyperverse “Home”
  • Select “Manage”
  • Wait until “Deposit” is showing transferred amount
  • Refresh page if you have to – it can take 5-10minutes from your exchange depending on the network

3.2 – Buy A New Membership

  • Go to Hyperverse “Home”
  • Select “Membership” – takes you to Membership Options page
  • Select you membership option
  • Check:
    • Quantity per unit
    • Purchase quantity
    • Order amount
  • Check payment method is “Pay with deposit account”
  • Tick “Terms and conditions” box
  • Select “Next Step”
  • Select “Continue”
  • Enter “Transaction password”
  • Select “Check order”

4.1 – Rebuy

When you have 125HU or more in your account, you can purchase a 125HU Rebuy. This option will appear in Memberships after a few days of purchasing your first membership.

  • Process is the same as Step 03
  • Select “125 Rebuy” as your membership option

Here is a video showing the process –

  • Note the Hyperverse layout has been updated from this video. Work through the instructions below for the exact location of buttons/ links.

Accumulate the number of rewards you want to transfer by stopping rebuys.

5.1 – Transfer From Rewards To The Financial Section Of Hyperverse

  • Go to “Asset” – top right
  • Go to “Inter-Transfer” – middle, green
  • Make sure you are transferring rewards from the rewards section to the “Financial” section  of your Hyper account
  • Enter the number of rewards you wish to withdraw (select “All” or enter manually)
  • Confirm transfer (should say Transfer successful)
  • Enter your 6 digit transaction ID
  • Go to the “Asset” tab and make sure the funds have transferred into the “Financial” account

5.2 – Exchange HU To MOF (Crypto)

  • Make sure you have selected the “Asset/ Financial” tab (top/ grey text)
  • Go to “Exchange”
  • Select how many HU you wish to exchange to HVT + MOF-TRC20 (crypto, note the exchange rate)
    • Note that 10% will convert to HVT
    • 90% will convert to MOF – note the exchange amounts
  • Enter your 6 digit transaction ID
  • Click “Confirm” (should say Exchange successful)
  • Go to the “Asset/ Financial” tab and check that the HU has been exchanged to MOF.

5.3 – Withdraw MOF From Hyperverse To OKX/ Exchange

  • Make sure you have selected the “Asset/ Financial” tab (top/ grey text)
  • Go to “Withdraw”
  • Select MOF-TRC20 (Please note this is an irreversible action)
  • Enter the recipient address (this is your OKX or other exchange)
    • Login and open up OKEx (or exchange)
    • In OKX, go to “Assets”
    • Click on “Deposit”
    • Select MOF as “crypto to deposit”
    • Click “Continue”
    • A reminder will come up. Select that you understand
    • Deposit to: Trading Account
    • Copy MOF address (use the icon to copy)
  • Insert the OKX/ Exchange address in “Address” in Hyperverse.
    • Double/ triple check the first and last characters of the address.
  • Insert withdrawal amount into “Quantity”
    • Note the fee will be taken out of your quantity (approx $15-30USD flat rate, depending on the exchange)
  • Enter your 6 digit transaction ID
  • Enter the email verification code (note the limited time)
  • Withdrawal will be confirmed
    • You can check in Hyperverse to see if the transaction is “Completed.” 
    • The trade will sit in “Pending” until complete.
    • Note the exchange rate of MOF – this can vary.
  • Go to OKX/ exchange and check deposit in “Assets”
    • Note- this should happen in 5-15 minutes at the most. You will receive an email from Hyperverse and OKX/ your exchange once complete.
    • You should see the transaction in progress until the money lands

        Video regarding placing trades in OKX –

        6.1 – Move From Funding To Trading account

        • MOF will land in “Funding account” in OKX
        • Select “Assets/ My assets/ Funding account” and the 3 dots to the right
        • Select “Transfer”
        • Under “Asset” select MOF
        • Select Form “Funding Account” to “Trading account”
        • Enter the amount of MOF from your HyperVerse withdrawal (include all decimal points)
        • Select “Transfer”
        • Note – “Success” should show under MOF transfers

        6.2 – Convert MOF To USDT

        • Go into OKX “Exchange” (top left)
        • Select “Trade/Basic trading” (top/ drop down)
        • Select MOF/USDT pair in “Search” (top left)
        • Choose your order type
          • Market – trade will be placed regardless of what the market is doing
          • Select “Limit” – trade will be placed when the market hits a certain point (right-hand side)
        • Adjust the “Price (USDT)” to match the MOF amount you withdrew from HyperVerse
        • Enter the “Amount” – the amount of your MOF that you want to sell (include all decimal points)
        • Select “Sell” (red button)

        6.3 – Once Exchanged To USDT, You Can:

        • Keep as USDT
        • Transfer to Bitcoin or another crypto
        • Move it to Binance or another trading account, convert it to currency and back to your bank
        • Load the USDT onto a crypto debut card (Hypercard have options)

        7.1 – Move USDT from Trading to Funding account

        • Once MOF has been exchanged to USDT it will sit in your “Trading account” in OKX
        • Select “Assets/ My assets/ Trading account” and the 3 dots to the right
        • Select “Transfer”
        • Under “Asset” select USDT
        • Select From “Trading Account” to “Funding account”
        • Enter the amount of USDT you wish to move (you can select all)
        • Select “Transfer”
        • Note – “Success” should show under USDT transfers

        7.2 – Withdraw to bank account

        TBA – Coming Soon

        To liquidate HVT assets (Hyper Verse Tokens)

        To liquidate HVT assets (Hyper Verse Tokens)

        • You have to send to a web 3 wallet.

        More information coming soon

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