Liz Watt Writes…


No More Groundhog Year?!

I sit here, yet again, writing what feels like the same message…

“Hi, I’m back… here’s why I’ve been away from your inbox so long. Excuse. Excuse. Excuse…”

Over the last few weeks you’ve likely attempted to sit down and get super clear on where you are, where you want to go, and what you might want to create. In other words, goals!!

I don’t know about you, but if I’m honest, I have struggled to find direction beyond this week or this month since 2020 (that’s another story!). However, things are becoming clearer, a fog is lifting and a path is revealing itself.

The thing is… (whisper) the path looks pretty much the same as it has for a decade. I’ve been asking myself some deep questions. Here’s the big picture…

  • What do you want?… A simple life, financially secure, with more creativity and travel (it’s been a while).
  • What work do you want to do?… I need variety. And I need to be my own boss. Creativity (writing, content, design, making, this) and add in some online reselling and teaching.
  • What’s stopping you? What are your patterns?… I go full throttle into the drive of productivity, overcommitment, doing, and burn out. Then I flip to a place of rest and regeneration until I’m recovered. Re-energized I go full throttle with should and obligations until I burn out again. That’s when I disappear.  (This is the biggest thing that keeps me moving two steps forward and one step back. It’s not working.)
  • 2024 is about… Consistency, simplification, variety, and productive flow.

What Does That Mean?

I want to create more content for you from a place of high energy and inspiration, rather than obligation – in my way, a way that works for me (and hopefully you too).

I’m no longer following the gurus and trying to find the “right way” to do things.

If you like reading then you’ll hopefully enjoy what’s coming. Writing flows when I sit down to receive it. There is a dam of things that want to be said, ready to spill onto the page. So that’s what you’ll get more of. If you like it, great, stick around. If you don’t that’s totally OK – I’ve still got video coming!

I used to try to create an article, newsletter and video for you all on the same day, every week. That created pressure and took away a lot of the fun.

Now, my intention is to publish an article every week or two (maybe more). I aim to release the article and this newsletter on Saturday or Sunday (in Australia), when you have a bit of down time to review it (let/s see how that goes!!) Then I’ll convert that article into a video over the following week or two.

This newsletter will be the first place to hear about everything new I create.

Forward Focus

So many of us are trying to figure out the aspects of life – health, money, relationships, your self!!! Layer into that a growing curiosity about the nature of reality, spirituality, the chaos of the world and what we are living in and that covers a lot of questions and information.

We live in a collective reality experienced by humanity AND an individual reality experienced by your soul. The challenge is how to be in both.

That’s a big part of my forward focus. In every article or video I will be deconstructing one big idea around life, reality, spirituality and self.

We will be navigating the process of awakening and ascension and the practicality of how to thrive in a chaotic, changing and transforming world.

I’m off to get some serious content started. I’ll be back to share it with you soon.

Until next time…

…Liz Watt

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