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Practicalities Of Purpose

This week I observed in myself the internal conflict of wanting to come back to this work, versus resistance to sitting down to write and doing what needs to be done. Is it fear? Uncertainty? Laziness? (likely not)

The minute I push past those first few sentences of nothing, the words begin to flow. Yesterday I committed to brainstorming content topics for the coming weeks and months, and to write my first article. What felt right was not thinking about the search engines and algorithms, or telling a long story about where I’ve been. But considering the lessons I’ve learned and where we are right now, individually and collectively.

Where are you right now? Are you side- tracked by the distractions and chaos of the external world?Are you aligned with your purpose, yourself and your soul? Or oscillating between the two? How do you keep on track?

Regaining Momentum

One of the biggest challenges of being human is to avoid the flip-flop between living in purpose and flow OR the distractions of the external world and necessity of paying the bills. Especially in a time with so much external uncertainty and chaos.

This first article outlines the six biggest lessons I learned this year that created a foundation to come unstuck and regain clear, consistent momentum forward (again!!)

  • Learning to live in multiple different realities every day.
  • Identifying the things we must learn to accept and not resist
  • How every one of your actions creates unity or separation in yourself and humanity.
  • The systems you must understand and navigate to thrive.
  • How coming back to your purpose and your self is the key to it all.
  • The power of you.

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Beyond Today, Towards Tomorrow

I don’t have all the answers. I’m still figuring this out.

At present, there are multiple realities and paths that humanity can collectively choose.

I have no idea what the future holds. But this year, for the first year in quite a few, I feel more hope for humanity and the future.

The only thing you can do is begin or continue to delve further into who you are and the essence of your soul – and continue to align and express more of that every day.

The only thing you can do is become the best version of yourself with the ability to intelligently respond to what the world presents.

That’s the forward path I’m taking. Thank you for joining me.

The choice is yours…

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