Fellow traveller,

As we move further into 2021, I am compelled to create, to write and to consider a journey. A journey of reality, healing, desire, and hope.

Trauma + Reality

The current reality of the world that humanity has collectively created is not conducive to the ability for humans, plants, species and planet earth to thrive.

The current reality of the world is one of turmoil, trauma and transformation.

For far too long many of us have been trapped and bound by the human-made systems of economic growth, consumerism, debt and social control. We have mindlessly followed the narrative that tells us how to think, act, behave and live.

We get up, go to school, go to work, pay the bills, pay the taxes, work some more, retire and die.

As a result, we are exhausted. Drained. Depleted. Too tired to argue or fight back. Living in a state of survival and day by day.

We have pillaged the planet, her species, her resources and ourselves.

But it is not all bad. There is great hope.

Spirituality + Hope

The reality as we know it here on Earth is not all that exists.

The reality we have been told is an illusion, a mere fraction of the truth of what the world, the universe and humanity really is.

There is a bigger picture, a bigger reason, a purpose for what is going on in the world, and the challenge of now. There is a reason for everything, and when you see it, the picture is perfect, complete and divine.

What is happening now on planet Earth is an opportunity to transform. To shed the skin and the scales of what was before, and open up to and embrace the possibility of what is yet to come.

To birth into a new reality requires humanity to heal.

Humanity + Healing

There is no getting away from the collective reality of the current world. There is no turning a blind eye to the problems and the pain and what “does not impact you.” Because as part of humanity, you are part of a whole, and the sooner we each realise this the sooner we will heal.

When we understand that when one member of humanity hurts we all hurt, and that when one starts to heal, we all start to heal.

The current reality is a world of uncomfortable resistance and protest at what has been before and either the terror or possibility of what is yet to come. The human-made systems that have kept us trapped and restricted for so long are starting to crumble. The people are slowly starting to see the world for what it is, and demand a change.

Humanity currently faces one of the greatest choices we have ever been dealt. To ignore the reality of what is happening or jump on board.

The choice is yours.

Individuality + Desire

As human beings, we each have desires and wants and needs.

We each have a purpose and a reason for being here that is part of a much bigger and grander plan.

When we each choose to embrace the truth of who we are and express this to the world, we start to make a change.

When we connect to our deepest, truest needs and desires and shed the façade we have been trained to carry, we start to find the joy, hope and happiness that is our birthright and has been denied our species for so long.

For the rest of this year and beyond, every month I want to explore an aspect that make us uniquely human, at the deepest level. I want to connect and explore…

I want to help you understand the truth and the reality of what is going on in the world, how the universe really works and how, in a world gone mad, we can learn to connect to and express our true self, make a difference, and collectively thrive.

It’s beyond time…

Thank you for joining me.

See you soon.

Yours, Liz…

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