Here's a list of topics that will help start to explain what is going on in the world. Click on any with a blue hyperlink to discover more information. Otherwise you can begin to research this information yourself. To avoid censorship, search on channels like or Use a browser like instead of chrome.

Government, Politics + Society

The Great Reset

• Agenda 21
• Agenda 2030
• Depopulation Agenda (Bill Gates)
• Event 201 Scenario
• Georgia Guidestones
• Globalism + Globalist agendas
• New World Order
• The Davos Agenda
• The Great Reset

The Legal System

• Magna Carta
• Maritime Admiralty Law
• Strawman

Organizations + Secret Societies

Secret Societies

• Bilderberg Group
• Cabal / Deep State
• Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)
• Fabian Society
• Fourth Reich
• Freemasons
• Illuminati
• Jesuits
• Knights of Malta
• Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion
• Sabbatean Frankists
• Skull and Bones Society

Globalist Organisations

• 6 companies that own the media and pharmaceuticals (Blackrock and Vanguard are the top 2 owners of Comcast, Disney, News Corp, Sony, Time Warner and Viacom)
• Clinton Foundation
• North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
• Planned Parenthood (created by Gates family)
• Strong Cities Network
• Tavistock Institute
• United Nations (UN)
• World Economic Forum (WEF)


Bad Guys

• 13 bloodline families of the Illuminati - Aldobrandini, Borgia, Breakspeare, Bologna, Chigi, Colonna, Conti, Este, Farnese, Gaetani, Medici, Orsini, Pamphili, Somaglia (Venetians/ changed their names to Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Merovingian, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn)
• Adam Weishaupt
• Albert Pike
• Barack and Michelle Obama
• Bill Gates
• Bill and Hillary Clinton
• Bush Family (including George Bush junior and senior)
• Emperor Constantine
• General Wesley Clark
• George Soros
• Jeffrey Epstein (and Ghislaine Maxwell)
• John Podesta (Pizzagate)
• Justin Trudeax (Fidel Castro's son)
• Klaus Schwab
• Marina Abramovic (Spirit cooking)
• Mark Zuckerberg
• Noah Yuval Harari
• Phil Schneider
• Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd
• William Guy Carr

Good Guys

• Abraham Lincoln (assassination)
• John F Kennedy (assassination)
• Princess Diana (suspicious death)

Health + Medicine

• Alternative therapy suppression
• Aspartame
• Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH)
• Chemtrails
• Covid-19 plandemic (hoax)
• Eugenics
• Flouridation effects
• Full-term abortion (legalised)
• Monsanto
Vaccinations (adverse effects)

Finance + Economy

• Central banks or Reserve banks (creation and operation)
• Digital currency (no intrinsic value)
• Fiat currency

CIA + Government Projects

• Cointelpro
• MK-Ultra
• MK-Naomi
• Operation Chaos
• Operation Cloverleaf
• Operation Delirium
• Operation Fishbowl
• Operation Gladio
• Operation Highjump
• Operation Midnight Climax
• Operation Mockingbird
• Operation Northwoods
• Operation Paperclip
• Operation Popeye (Doomsday Project)
• Operation Project Seal
• Operation Ranch Hand
• Operation Stargate
• Project Artichoke
• Project Bluebeam
• Project Bluebird
• Project Bluebook
• Project Coast
• Project Evergreen
• Project Groom Lake
• Project Monarch
• Project Rainbow
• Project Stargate - Grill Flame, Sun Streak
• Project Woodpecker

Religion + Spirituality

• Baphomet
• Lucifer satellite
• Luciferace covid19
• Pope snake building
• Satanism
• Vatican catacombs

Satanic Practices

• Adrenochrome
• Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS)
• Pizzagate
• Satanic ritual abuse
• Trafficking (human, child and sex trafficking)



• 9/11 (hoax)
• Mud Flood
• Orphan trains
• Covid pandemic (hoax)


Lost History Of Earth
• Atlantis
Flat Earth
• Ghost Cities (China)
• Lemuria
• Library of Alexandria
• Tartaria (Tartarian architecture)


• Ancient Aliens
• Annunaki
• Council of 13
• Council of Nicea
• Enki and Enlil
• Nephalim
• Nibiru (Planet X)
• Ninth Circle Cult

Technology + Science

• Digital Identity System
• Social Credit System (China)
• Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• Climate change (hoax)
• Cloud seeding
• High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
• Geo-engineering
• Global warming (hoax)
• Nazi Eugenics
• Patent w060606 – Mark of the beast technology, owned by Bill Gates
• Transhumanism

The whole point of this game of life is to remember who you are and why you are here - as a spiritual being having an experience in human form. Then master yourself. That's it! Let's figure this out together...

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