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Health Advocates – The Disinformation Dozen

“The Disinformation Dozen” refers to twelve health professionals who have extensive, well-renowned careers but have spoken out against the government and Bog Pharma narrative of a covid pandemic and safety of vaccines. They have subsequently been labelled conspiracy theorists and giving mis-information. You have to pay attention to anyone censored so heavily. I have not explored all of these, only the ones identified above.

  • The Disinformation Dozen –
  • Joseph Mercola –
  • Robert F. Kennedy Junior – See link above
  • Ty and Charlene Bollinger
  • Dr Sherri Tenpenny – See link above
  • Rizza Islam
  • Dr Rashid Buttar – See link above
  • Erin Elizabeth
  • Sayer ji
  • Kelly Borgen
  • Dr Christiane Northrup – See link above
  • Ben Tapper
  • Kevin Jenkins

Other Health Advocates

The following are people who I hear mentioned a lot, but have not yet delved into myself.

  • Dr Shiva

Vaccine Injury Reporting